What the H#ll is Bitcoin? Fool's Gold or the Real Thing?

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BitIodine: Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin Network Michele Spagnuolo, Federico Maggi, and Stefano Zanero. Bitcoin, the famous peer-to-peer, decentralized electronic currency system, allows users to benefit from pseudonymity, by generating an arbitrary number of aliases (or addresses) to move funds. 2.2 BitIodine: Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin Network (Spagnuolo et al., 2014) One such paper by researchers at Politecnico Di Milano [2] attempts to create a graph model for the Bitcoin transaction network. In it, they describe the creation of a system called BitIodine which parses the blockchain, clusters ad- The power of the Bitcoin Blockchain lies in the fact that Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin The Bitcoin network not only is vulnerable to cyber-attacks but currently represents the [8] Spagnuolo M, Maggi F, Zanero S. BitIodine: extracting intelligence from the Bitcoin network. In: Proceedings of International Conference on Financial Cryptography & Data Security, Christ Church, 2014. 457--468. A generalized paper, “BitIodine: Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin Network,” was presented at the International Financial Cryptography Association annual conference in February by Spagnuolo, Federico Maggi and thesis advisor Stefano Zanero.

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