Bitcoin Cufflinks (WJE2Q5S8D) by The_Curious_Inventor

Hi r/Bitcoin! This is an entirely different way to get bitcoin. is an entirely new way to get bitcoin! We buy your gold, and pay you in bitcoin! We are the world's first Bitcoin 4 Gold company!
We have spent the last three years buying and selling gold, and building a network of brick & mortar stores, jewelry experts, online stores, and gold refineries - so we know how to get the most we possibly can out of whatever jewelry/coins/scrap is sent to us.
It seems to us that there aren't enough ways to get bitcoin, and they all have their drawbacks - you can mine (most people aren't going to do this), you can buy it (requires linking bank accounts and credit cards and costs real money), or you can use localbitcoins (people are wary of this for obvious reasons). In our experience, we have found most people have gold just lying around that they don't wear, and probably will never wear. Old class rings, broken necklaces, dad's cufflinks, mom's wedding ring from her first marriage, and even jewelry you just don't wear any more. Also, we believe in bitcoin as an investment strategy, and people who have been collecting gold will want to either get out of gold and into bitcoin, or they will want to diversify some gold into a bitcoin investment.
You could sell your gold at a pawn shop or a local "we buy gold" place, but they usually don't give you very much for it, and they are certainly going to only pay you in fiat currency and not in bitcoin!
You can check out our website "like" our facebook page or follow us on twitter @bitcoin4gold
So, bitcoin, AMA!
*there are other companies that will exchange bitcoin for gold bullion, but not scrap gold or jewelry.
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How to Wear Cufflinks HOW TO PUT ON YOUR CUFFLINKS (Plus One Secret Hack to Make Wearing Cufflinks 50% Easier ) How and When To Wear French Cuffs How to Wear Cufflinks with Jeff Banks  Jeff Banks How To Tips on Wearing Cufflinks

When you are wearing ties on a more regular basis, you may want a way to hold your tie in place, at all times, and prevent it from getting in your way while you eat, work, or play.It is made out of stainless steel and industrial-strength magnets. It's the invisible magnetic tie clip.. It's durable, sucured, and most importantly keeps your tie inline. It's a functional approach to the classic This physical representation of the bitcoin is nice to wear into the cuff of your shirts. At the back is a solid cufflink body, that is easy to insert in your shirt and follows the angle of your cuff. Available in precious metals (so if there is trouble with the currency, you can always melt your golden bitcoins). #3 Bitcoin Cufflinks. Join the Bitcoin hype with these stylish cufflinks. They make the perfect gift for bitcoin lovers and all Fellow crypto enthusiasts will be glad to make your acquaintance. With these fun and elegant conversation starters, you might not have to live single for much longer. Find Them Here. Wear the crypto currency of the future with these stylish and cool bitcoin cufflinks. These bitcoin cufflinks are sold as a pair and come in a wide variety of materials like 3D printed steel and sterling silver. Tags Cufflink Science birthday bitcoin bitcoin cufflinks christmas crypto cryptocurrency dress gift shirt suit wedding. The Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system, making our Bitcoin cufflinks the perfect gift for anyone working in the banking or IT industries. These currency cufflinks are a real conversation starter, gathering a knowing nod from those working in similar industries, so they’re ideal for business conferences, events and meetings.

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How to Wear Cufflinks

Wearing cufflinks doesn't have to be hard and learning how to do it will take your dapper style to a whole new level and open the doors to a huge amount of men's style outfits to try. I hope you ... How to wear cufflinks or put on cufflinks can be a task for some. Here is a simple way to get your cufflinks on every time with great ease. --- music by --- stock cover photo ... To wear cufflinks is as simple as 1-2-3. Just follow the steps in the video or steps below: 1. You must have a French cuff shirt which contains two holes in a sleeve 2. Fold over the two holes of ... Learn how to wear your cufflinks with Jeff Banks. Jeff Banks is a master of the T-Bar cufflink, with a vast range on his online store. Today, Jeff Banks himself shows you how to fasten up your T ... How to wear Cufflinks, and how to modify your shirt to use them - Duration: 5:59. andrewesquivel 376,183 views. 5:59. How to get up from the floor (after a fall) - MacGyver style!

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