Bitcoin-based Remittance Beats TransferWise On Fees And

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Money is withdrawn from the sender’s account and used to purchase bitcoins, which bridge21 references as “digital cash.” bridge21 then sends the bitcoins to Mexico where they are sold for pesos and then deposited into the recipient’s bank account. The process is fast and occurs after a simple confirmation on the Bitcoin network. is a cross-border payments company that enables businesses and individuals to send money internationally. uses digital to cash move money across borders and eliminates the volatility and custodial risks associated with digital cash by trading instantly in the sending and receiving countries for individual transactions. This results in a unique exchange rate that is PSA: bridge21 does not anticipate any interruption of service. Quickly, we do not anticipate any interruption of bridge21’s services from Bitcoin’s hard fork on August 1, 2017. All of our Bitcoin will be stored on addresses where we control the private keys during the fork event, thereby ensuring no loss of funds on either chain. Bridge21 allows individuals with a United States bank account to transfer money to a Mexican bank account within minutes. During the transaction process, the money from sender’s US account will be withdrawn to purchase Bitcoin, referred to as “digital cash”. At we base our rates on the price of digital cash in the sending and receiving countries. We do not base our rates on traditional FX rates. (Bitcoin for the win!!!) Our Bridge Rate can not just be better… but MUCH BETTER than traditional FX services.

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