US Sec of State: ‘Enormous evidence’ COVID-19 came from

All of the AMA questions/comments from the darkoverlord re: 9/11 insurance leak extortion here

Q: This doesn't seem like something a group that uses the darkweb would do in public.
A: This is something we do. We can't speak for the others. This is our modus operandi. We like to do everything we can to squeeze every last coin out of our victims. We're financially motivated.
For everyone else asking why we're not dumping it all, we have. It's available to torrent.
Our official Press Release with more info is available here:
Q: 9.8 gigs seems a lot for just documents. Does it include videos or audio recordings? A: We're withholding anything that isn't text-readable for now.
Q: who did 9/11 in your opinion based on the docs? A: We don't really give a fuck. We want internet money.
We've already released a select few documents to serve as proof of our claims. We're about to change the fucking world. Edward Snowden's NSA leak will be pale in comparison.
Q: (ID: QYsiPYKc) A: When we deal with clients who have PoF, we provide such presentations.
We're quite wealthy, earning hundreds of BTC per year in profit from our systematic cyber-extortion. GCHQ coined that term for us. You can read their advisory about this organisation.
Q: Hi, thedarkoverlord, Have you considered that information may well be used crash the monetary system you hope to be compensated in? A: Fantastic question, mate. We're not concerned about that as we receive our payments only in internet money like Bitcoin. The monetary crash will be your problem. We always advise our clients to diversify and acquire different convertible currencies.
Q: Explain attack vector that lead to initial shell. Web based? Misconfigired service? Well known exploit? A: Nice try, Mandiant.
Q: How? You stated that your intent was to sell it to the highest bidder. That just means that it will get buried. A: We're financially motivated. We're not motivated by saving the planet.
Q: Waiting for overlords dead man switch A: We have several layers of 'dead man's switches' deployed. This is why the entire archive we'd plan to release is freely downloadable now. We're sitting on our high entropy master encryption keys that can be released through even a failure of the organisation.
Q: The thing is, I (and few others) are willing to pay. Provided that OP understands at least basics how such trades are executed. A: We're highly reputable, having sold hundreds of BTC worth of intellectual property, R&D, databases, and more. Our official contact details are in our office Press Release. Please contact us using PGP. We'll happily conform to your requirements to substantiate our loot.
Q: if you DO get paid then we can assume the world's not save because you'd not release them right? A: That's correct. We're not here to save the world. We're here to get paid internet money. We're not motivated by ego or charity, only money.
Q: Hey thedarkoverlord, give us something for free you poofters. A: We already have. Pay attention, fag.
For everyone speaking about the hack of a global insurer, you should understand how sophisticated litigation works. We're sitting on SSI and SCI from TSA, FBI, FAA, USDOJ, and others. Refer to our official PR for more information.
Q: Thoughts on Cicada 3301 and WikiLeaks? particularly who is behind Cicada? A: We don't speculate on other organisations. We focus on ourselves.
Q: Do you have a timeline you can disclose for releasing each layer? A: There is a timeline, but we can't share details about that.
Q: Your group could have chosen to privately auction this info to the same exact bidders you will likely get through these public antics. That makes me question your timing. Why disrupt our system of things and way of life now ( assuming your I do is as world changing as you state)? Why now? A: Tis the season.
Q: I don't give a shit what he wants I'll kick in 20 bucks for anything that peaks my interest one single doc to prove it's not a nothing burger with no strings attached I've been sitting on btc since 50 btc blocks. A: Ff you'd like to be the first person to purchase a single file or two from us, you're welcome to. We'd happily sell you something right now. Our Twitter has our e-mail on it. Get in contact, mate.
Q: what would anyone who is selling world shattering documents for millions of dollars try selling them on 4chan? A: We're not selling anything on 4chan. We're working SEO right now. Google 'thedarkoverlord' and see for yourself. It's driving a tremendous amount of traffic to our content. This is all calculated and pre-arranged.
Q: Fuck yeah based hackerman. I read the release, make those fuckers pay for breaking the deal. They should pay extra just for being so stupid to let you find anything in their network in the first place. Too easy probably, IT people are lazy as fuck. Get paid. A: We've probably hacked your company too.
Q: I'd be willing to chip in with others to see it if I was sure it would be world shaking info. Not something the average person would change the TV when it came up on the news. On a scale of 1-10 how system breaking is the info? A: You're the smart one here, asking the right questions. We'd say it's a 7.5, all things considered. Snowden may have been a 5.5, maybe a 6. More people care about 911 than USA spying. Now, our next release about UFOs, yeah, that's a 10 mate, but it's going to wait until we're done here. If you'd like to buy 911 documents from us, read the answers above.
Anyone can see ample proof on our official PR and our official Twitter @tdo_h4ck3rs. This is quiet real. We'd like to top Edward Snowden. Everyone saying they're coming for us: we know. GCHQ has published advisories about us and the Billings Gazette news publisher leaked the fact that the CIA and NSA event attempted to locate us last year in October after we closed down 50.000 students and 36 schools in an entire region of Montana for 7 days. This is readily available news.
Q: Actually appears legit. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is that your leak could cause a former-sitting president to get lynched? Also, hope your DMS shoots to a Blockchian. A: We'd rather not say, for fear of his safety.
We'll be sharing a few new screencaps momentarily, to stir the pot a bit.
Q: why are you doing ransom instead of exploiting this information for insider trading A: We're experts in systematic cyber-extortion, according to GCHQ. We do what we're best at.
Q: Do you have anything really damaging on Hillary or Obama? A: We're unwilling to answer this question.
Q: Holy kek, FreeBSD is one of the most insecure OS, no joke. A: We utilise Windows Embedded.
Q: That's a bit of a lame answer. Why pick a risky strategy like cyber extortion, when you can stay under the radar, and do insider trading from a beach in Asia? A: We don't discuss out TTPs in public.
Q: So given your financial motivation, is it safe to assume you’re “group” is more anarchy than order? That is to say, are you looking to shift power,take power, or destroy power? A: We're not interested in power, only internet money.
Q: Their answer here will actually clue in their degree of technical competency. I'd add - justify why it will reach this price. A: We haven't shared a price, at all. Depending on what a buyer would like, we adjust our offer.
Q: Iron Mountain is a military base. Why is a WTC Insurer shredding documents on it? A: Great question. We'll direct you to ur official PR which details it. We'll quote the issue for you below:
"When major incidents like the WTC 911 incident happen, part of the litigation must involve SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and SCI (Special Compartment Information) from the likes of the FBI, CIA, TSA, FAA, DOD, and others being introduced into evidence, but of course this can't become public, for fear of compromising a nation's security, so they temporarily release these materials to the solicitor firms involved in the litigation with the strict demand they're destroyed after their use and that remain highly protected and confidential to only be used behind closed doors. However, humans aren't perfect and many of these documents don't become destroyed, and when thedarkoverlord comes along hacking all these solicitor firms, investment banks, and global insurers, we stumble upon the juiciest secrets a government has to offer."
Q: Hey do you take hack requests? I have a couple of bitcoins... A: Visit our official Twitter @tdo_h4ck3rs where our contact details are readily available. We operate on a strict protocol and often times require bonding.
Q: why leak on new years eve A: Because it forces about a dozen Fortune 500 companies in the UK and USA to build damage control and COA plans on their New Years holiday, robbing them of any pleasure and bringing in their new year at a new low.
Q: if i purchase the doc's, whats stopping me uploading it everywhere? will you guys get annoyed? A: Once we're paid, they're yours. You do as we you wish. We couldn't care any less.
Q: yeah has there been any strange shit happening that makes you think they're on to you or that you've being targetted already? A: Other than them telling victims to pay us because it's the best move to save their arses, we sleep like babies.
Q: Likes,kind of a career ending big heist, don't you think? A: We already live like the ending of a great heist movie, on warm beaches with loads of internet money. We're quite happy.
Q: Why do you care about their pleasure or them starting new year at all time low, thought this was all just business? A: It's all business. Psychologically, they're most vulnerable when this process is used and it resutls in higher success rates for us.
Q: Apparently the guy they caught was in Serbia. A: A complete random stranger.
Q: The question about crypto was good, do you have any predictions about BTC next year and do you think it's still the best currency to invest in? A: We predict we'll earn even more BTC. As our clients are paying us while we have them bent over a barrel, we always advise them to buy up for their personal portfolios.
Q: Do you have a deadman set up A: We do.
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Should Bitcoin Be Worried About Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Should Bitcoin Be Worried About Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Last week, a research paper was leaked from Google, announcing a historical advancement in computer science.
The paper which mentioned several NASA researchers in the contributor’s section was uploaded to NASA’s website for a brief moment before it was almost immediately deleted.
You know what that means right? It’s the internet era, where just one second is enough for lurking auto-bots to download it and spread the leaked intel all over the world wide web.
Among other major media outlets, Financial Times (subscription needed) was one of the first to publish a report, saying that Google claims it has achieved ‘quantum supremacy’.
The initial paper supposedly showcased how Google’s quantum computer has beaten one of the world’s ‘smartest’ supercomputers in a ‘no-rematch-required’ fashion.
Quantum computing is not a new thing, and while it’s perceived as a scary and extremely mystic object that can vanish humanity in a click, it’s just getting its baby steps in the field, after some decades of excessive research and testing.
Back in 2017–18, there was a hype in the crypto scene where people argued whether a quantum computer could kill Bitcoin BTC, -2.17%, by mining all the remaining Bitcoins in a split of a second, or by forcing all miners to submit to its directions, with some extreme cases where projects promoted their respective DLTs labeled as ‘quantum-proof’ in order to gain momentum.

So should Q-Computing be perceived as a threat to Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies?

Now, I came up with a really weird analogy to demonstrate the concept behind the difference of a quantum computer and a traditional Turing computing system, but you have to bear with me on this one, and hopefully, it will make some sense.
Google’s joint quantum computer project with NASA, if we’d to trust the leaks, achieved a state where it could solve a computing problem in just over three minutes. The same problem would supposedly take Summit 3, which is one of IBM’s fastest, computing-wise, supercomputer, 10,000 years to solve. Yup.
So here’s the analogy: We invented a bullet that is 1,000,000 times faster than a mule. Indeed, our theoretical bullet, considered to be much superior to its animal counterpart, has beaten the mule when it comes to travel speed, but could a bullet carry 10 kilos of potatoes for me? I highly doubt so.
Practically asking if a quantum computer could be a threat to BTC just because it achieved ‘quantum supremacy’, essentially a state that proves a quantum computer could compete and beat a traditional computer in a certain task, does not necessarily mean that it is aware of how to mine Bitcoin, what even is Bitcoin or where it should start learning on how to ‘hijack’ some of that precious digital cash transactions.
Similar to the bullet where, unless it was a bullet-train obviously, there is no chance it would be able to successfully carry 10 kilos of physical assets for me from point A to point B no matter how fast it is, beating SHA-256 encryption is not something a quantum computer is necessarily good at.
I mean, from a certain point of view, a quantum computer doesn’t even have silicon ICs or internet connection. It would require biological particles and extremely cold temperatures to function properly, and overall it’s just so different in so many aspects, including physical architecture, compared to a traditional computer, it would be simply silly to analyze side by side the two systems accurately, considering the fact that a quantum computer is a completely different ‘song’ to begin with.
You can sleep tight for now, if you’re worried about your hard-earned crypto being influenced by a secret agency quantum computer that might be targeting your wallet.
There is a high possibility that such a scenario will be viable in the next decade, but that would also require the people behind such as a sophisticated multi-billion-dollar system to care about hacking your Bitcoin more than hacking a central bank or a nuclear power plant.
Here’s Andreas Antonopoulos explaining in detail if quantum computing is a threat to Bitcoin.
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Cryptocurrency Interest has not dwindled one bit

Hi guys, just writing my opinion on things that what many FUDsters are spreading out there that cryptocurrency interest has dwindled and the FOMO has ended, is untrue. What we can see through coinmarketcap alone isn't the entire volume of cryptocurrency interest being traded. Although the daily volume has dropped, I would like to blame it on the fact that Bitcoin Futures trading drew a large portion of cryptocurrency traders away from exchanges simply due to the the numerous instances of exchange hacks, issues with withdrawals/deposits as well as verification times during the peak period.
As much as I do not like to admit it, the majority of these said trade volumes also come from bitcoin the past year and as such, these bitcoin/fiat traders when given another avenue to trade on which they're accustomed to, decided to move back to their traditional comfort zones.
As we can see through this website, the futures trading volume is actually similar to that and even more so than the trade volume of ALL bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges combined over the past weeks. When added together, you will realize that the overall volume of bitcoin daily trades has not actually reduced by much since the peak of bitcoin volume.
FUDsters who FUD that price valuation is equivalent and a result of volume showing interest in the cryptosphere will be proven dearly wrong here.
Yes I am aware that Futures trading as is, does not actually trade bitcoins, but rather contracts of "loaned" bitcoin to margin on. However, it still signifies the interest in people wanting to trade the currency. They might not own the bitcoin to trade with, but the contract they're trading on and the person which they're borrowing from, still needs to be having that amount of bitcoin locked in to begin with. (that's assuming that the authorities aren't being corrupted and approving those contracts without affirming that the lender actually has that 5 bitcoin to back it up)
Do take note that these traders with Futures do not have an incentive to have the prices of bitcoins to increase as they don't hold the bitcoins and their profits rely solely on their positions. As such, shorting for them and spreading short FUD to ensure that at the end of the term when they sell the contract, they're able to buy the contract cheaper is more beneficial to them than rooting for a price increase.
With ETF decision looming, the need to actually have bitcoins to go on margin will only further boost our price as these traders will actually need bitcoins and as such the incentive is for them to boost the price of bitcoins so that the bitcoins they have staked in the margin also increases in value as well. But I would assume that this will be a niche market compared to Futures as many old baby boomers are reluctant to own cryptocurrencies due to not understanding its potential.
That said, if bitcoin ETF goes through, I can only hope for Ether ETF follows suit quickly. Most importantly, I hope that no one helps the banksters make Ether Futures. Because Futures market is a FIAT shorter's paradise and it will only help these old cronies "tame" cryptocurrency as one of them said.
Also, can someone make a decentralized exchange already that isn't run by an identifiable company and does not require human intervention when it comes to withdrawals/deposits?
1) Decentralized exchange contract that creates wallets offering the users their own private wallets running within the contract 2) the Exchange ownecreator does not own any access to these contracts. Only individual users have the private keys to these contracts just like MEW. 3) Only the wallets created via the DEX contract is able to be accessed by the DEX in order to put up an order for sales/purchases (access is autonomous not instructed by the creator of the DEX and only the contract execution order by the customer will trigger the transaction) 4) Funds once requested to "sell or buy" will be sent to the DEX contract to be held there till the order is filled much like a normal centralized exchange (but in this instance, nobody has access to those funds except other orders being made/filled) 5)Once order is filled the respective tokens are then transferred cross chain and the contract verifies that with the respective crypto blockains. 6) Each of these transactions within the contract are not kept by the DEX for record purposes and only the individual user has a copy of their own transactions.
Therefore, whatever trades done within this exchange will remain private and up to the user to share it with whomever. This will also be future proof and prevent any major company from acquiring/buying over the DEX only to have access to the past and future transactions of the DEX. Because even if they do buy it over, the DEX contract will not have these information at all for the acquiring company to tap into.
That said, fees could be structured so that whatever is earnt is paid in Ether(with anonymity)/Zcash/Monero to the contract creator separately without them having access to the main contract running the exchange. As a contingency, this fee contract, will allow the creator access to edit that fee contract because it's his earnings anyways.
Also, in regards to margins, DEX can also create margins this way by making lending sub-contracts that lock in currencies until a position is closed/liquidated. Again the important thing is to create contracts which do not allow ANY form of alterations to access beyond the intended functions of those contracts.
I don't know if these work since my understanding of smart contracts and limitations is still that of just the average joe, but I'm itching to see these sort of things give power back to the people.
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Dr. Seuss's The Lucio (or How I learned to Stop Overextending and Love the Tank)

At the far end of the queue, where the Genjis go pro
And the Bastion and Widow mains all really blow
And no one ever plays anything but Hanzo
Lies the street of the Lifted Lucio
And deep in the solo queue some people say
If you look deep enough you can still see today
Where that Lucio once stood, just as long as he could
Until somebody lifted the Lucio away
Who played the Lucio? Did he play fair?
And why was he banned from servers everywhere?
In the solo queue where the Widow mains blow
The old Reap-ler still lives there Ask himhe knows
You won't see the Reap-ler; Don't message him, he'll ignore
He stays in his comp rank With his top-level score
He lurks in his comp games; cold under the skill roof
And unboxes loot boxes—to his skill, was it proof
And on special holiday updates and events he sneaks
Into the queue, and sometimes he speaks
And he tells how the Lucio was lifted away
He'll tell you perhaps—if you're willing to pay
At the end of his IP he lets down a bitcoin pail
And you have to toss in fifteen boxes, and say "Hail!"
And pledge your allegiance to the Talon, and subscribe for their mail
Then he closes the pail, makes a most careful count
To see that you've paid him the proper amount
Then he hides what you've paid him away in his snuvv
His inter dimensional hole—in his gruvvulous glove
Then he says: "I will message you by Skype-a-ma-phone
For the words that I tell are for your ears alone"
BLOOP! Up bloops the skype-a-ma-phone to your ear
And the words of the Reap-ler are not very clear
For they have to be transmitted through electronic rows
And he sounds like he has edgy teens in his nose
"Now"—says the Reap-ler, his mask stained grey
—"I will tell how the Lucio was lifted away."
It all started way back—such a long, long time back...
When the queue was pristine
And the matches well met
And the rounds all played clean
And the voice lines for ultimate rang out in space
One morning I played in this glorious place
And I first saw the Cheese! The character spam Cheese!
Match after match in the Hanamura breeze.
Above the Cheese were the heavy Tank-a-loots
Soaking up bullets in their heavy armor suits
As they played all day healed by support class fruits
From the glorious back row came the metallic sound
Of Zenyatta's healing while Zenning around
But that Cheese! That Cheese! That character spam Cheese!
All my life I'd been searching for this strategy
The ease of its execution was simpler than cake
And the feeling of winning? Like diving in a lake.
I felt a great leaping of joy in my heart
I knew just what I'd do; I jumped on the payload cart.
In no time at all I had readied the comp
And I chopped down an enemy team in one romp
With great aiming skill and quick moving speed
I took out that team—and I earned EXP!
The instant it was over I heard a blu-zawn!
I looked; I saw something come out of the spawn
Of the team I had beaten: a Brazilian man
Describe him? That's easy; let's start with his cans.
They were greyish, his clothes greenish
His hair brownish and long
And he played beautiful music
That rung like a gong
"Newbie!" he said, with a slight hint of sleaze
"I am the Lucio; I speak 'gainst the Cheese;
I speak 'gainst the Cheese, for the Cheese is no fun.
And I'm asking you sir, at the top of my lung:"
He seemed quite salty as he juked and he jived
"Look, Lucio" I said. "There's no cause for alarm;
I took out one team, I am doing no harm
I'm being quite competitive. This stuff is EXP.
EXP's a fine thing all good players need."
"It shows skill, it shows aim, it shows smarts, it shows tact
But it has other uses, aye, far beyond that
You can use it for boasting, showing authority—
For bragging round forums indiscriminately."
The Lucio said "SIR! You are crazy with greed.
There's no player on earth who cares about EXP."
But the very next second I proved he was wrong
For just at that moment a McRee came along
And he thought that my EXP and level were great!
He happily rated me at 198.
I laughed at the Lucio. "You poor stupid guy!
You never can tell what stories people will buy!"
"I repeat!" cried the Lucio. "I speak against Cheese!"
"I'm busy" I told him; "Go die if you please."
My mouse rushed cross the screen and in no time at all
Clicked the INVITE FRIEND button. I sent out some calls.
I called all my friends and my brother, Lance.
And I said "Listen here! Here's a wonderful chance
for the whole Reap-ler family to get mighty rich!
Get over here fast! Hit join group, just click!
Turn up your sound, hit that audio switch."
And in no time at all, in the team I had built
The whole Reap-ler family was Cheesing full tilt
We were all crushing teams, just as busy as bees
To the sound of the chopping of fledgling team dreams
Then... Oh! Baby! Oh! How my level did grow!
Now, fighting one team at a time was too slow.
So I quickly invented the Overwatch hacker
Which won you three games at once with one smacker
We were crushing teams four times faster than before!
And that Lucio? He didn't show up anymore
But by the next update, he messaged my office door
He snapped. "I'm the Lucio who speaks for these teams
Who you seem to be crushing as fast as you please
But I'm also in charge of the heavy Tank-a-loots
Who soaked up bullets in their armor suits
As they happily played healed by healing fruits"
"NOW! Thanks to your hacking these games to the ground
There's not enough Mercy and Ana to go around
And my poor Tank-A-Loots are all getting the crummies
Because they have bullets, not victory, in their tummies."
"They loved playing here—but they don't want to stay.
They'll find a new game—and I hope that they may.
Good luck, boys!" He cried as he whisked then away.
I, the Reap-ler felt sad as I watched them all go.
BUT... Levels are levels, and levels must grow!
Regardless of bullets in tummies, you know.
I meant no harm, I most truly did not
But I had to get bigger so bigger I got!
I biggered my weapons. I biggered the roads
I biggered control points. I biggered payloads
For the wins I was winning I was sending them forth!
Swept the south! Swept the east! Swept the west! Swept the north!
I went right on biggering, gaining EXP
Which every, every, every pro needs
Then again, he came back! I was beating some tykes
When that old nuisance Lucio came back with MORE GRIPES!
"I am the Lucio!" He juked and he jived
He dodged and he dove; he threw and he thrived
"Reap-ler!" He cried with a high C note
"Reap-ler! Your making the balance so broke
My poor ultimate, why, it can no longer heal folks!
No one can be good when the game is all broke."
"And so," said the Lucio. "Please pardon my scoff
These cannot function, Blizzard's cutting them off
What will we do?
I don't know, do you?
They may have to rework them for a month or a year
To fix up the balance you've unbalanced around here."
"WHATS MORE!" Screamed the Lucio (He sounded like a hag)
"Let me say a few words about laggety lag!
Your computers chug on day and night while you frag
Lowering pingity-ping and making laggety lag
And what do noobs do when the tech goes poo-poo?
I'll show you, you nasty old Reap-ler man you!"
"You've Genji'd the games where the Zenyatta's Zenny'd!
No more can they Zenny, for there is now only Genji
So I'm sending them off; oh, their future is dreary
They'll play Call of Duty and get woefully weary
In search of some gameplay that isn't so smeary."
And then I got mad—I got terribly mad
I yelled at the Lucio "Now listen here lad!
All you do is play music and yell "BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD!"
Well I have free speech, sir, and I'm telling YOU
I intend to go on doing just as I do!"
"And for your information, you Lucio, I'm figgering
On Biggering, and Biggering, and BIGGERING, and BIGGERING!
Using more Cheese to get EXP!
Which every, every, every pro needs!"
And at that very moment we heard a small click!
A light went out, like a candle wick
At the end of a stopper. They had hit EXIT ALL
The very last honest team of them all!
No more EXP. No more Cheese. No more games to be won.
So, in no time, my friends and brother, everyone
All pinged me "GG." They quit, and played Project CARS
Or NMS, flying through procedurally generated stars
Now all that was left 'neath the serverless sky
Was my big empty friend list, the Lucio and I.
The Lucio said nothing, just gave me a glance
Just gave me a very sad, sad backwards glance
As turned off his music and ended the trance
And I'll never forget the grim look on his face
As he disconnected from the server and took leave of this place
And deleted his ID, without leaving a trace.
And all that the Lucio left here in this mess
Was a limited time spray with two words: PLAY LESS
Whatever that meant, well, I just couldn't guess.
That was long, long ago. But each game since that game
I've sat here in spawn and worried away
Through the years while my computer has fallen apart
I've sat here and worried with all of my heart.
"But now" says the Reap-ler "Now that you're here
The word of the Lucio seems perfectly clear
Unless someone like you PLAYS LESS offense a lot
Overwatch isn't going to get better—it's not."
"SO... Catch!" calls the Reap-ler, he lets a book fall
"It's a team comp guide—it's the last one of all!
You're in charge of the last of the honest teams
And honest teams are what everyone needs."
"Form a new team; treat your friends with care
Create new strategies, and loot boxes share
Found a league? Protect it from cheaters that hack
Then the Lucio and all the supports may come back."
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Lol. Crypto isn't going anywhere but up.

I know its going to recover. It has all the recipes to go up.
Think about What crypto currencies have been through.
Crypto Currencies have been through a constant bombardment of ban threats, bashing , Bit Connect, crashes, corrections, unexplainable dips, extreme volatility , crashing wallets , crashing exchanges, and crashing computers from mining , doubters , mass market manipulations scams, scam exchanges , scam wallets, scam icos, scam coins, and scam pump n dumps schemes, hacked exchanges, hacked wallets, hacked computers, and hacked coins.
Not to mention Countless bugs, Mt Gox, regulation threats, and the steady but surely shitcoins sprouting up everywhere infesting the entire crypto landscape like vines on an abandoned brick building slowly choking the life out it, and after all this...
Crypto currency is STILL HERE, people still love it, people still buy it, and it steadily more popular by the day.
Crypto currency has withstanded the test of time. Going on its 10 year anniversity its been through war, and it just keeps getting stronger every year.
Anyone who got in late August/early September is looking at 300%-400% increase 6 months later. It has consistently shown when it crashes reaches a new floor thats higher than the previous floor it crashed to the year before.
You can say what you want about "the past doesn't always equal the future", but in this case the system of HODL hasnt been proven wrong yet. Your only proof of this not happening is the Theory it won't . You may say what I'm thinking is a Theory, however its a theory based off real Data with crypto currencies. There is no data available showing a HOLD with BitCoins will not work in the long term.
You cant compare what happened with other fads like beanie babies , tulips, sports cards because crypto is a different animal. You're trying to compare a game of darts to a game of chess.
You cant ban it. Criminal enterprises have already created their own blockchain tech. Criminals have been around since before Jesus Christ himself. If anyone thinks a few facebook, and Google bans are gonna stop it lol
For Crypto currency to still be here it shows it deserves to be here. Its too powerful to be stopped. It can only be contained for a little bit before it explodes again
Oh PS: There was a sudden surge in sell offs before Google announced banning Crypto ads . Insider trading much? Lol.
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The intelligent investors guide to cryptocurrency: Part 3a - The value proposition

*Introductions: I'm joskye. A cryptocurrency investor and SDC holder. *
Hi again. This is the third part in our ongoing series on how to trade better and determine intelligent investments in cryptocurrency for the future.
In part 3 I will now discuss Cryptocurrency valuations, price metrics and identifying coins of value, worth holding.
What makes a coin worth holding: The value proposition
What makes anything worth holding? How much of themselves is a person willing to put into it - that's how much.
Cryptocurrency is largely driven by faith. It is a speculative enterprise i.e. people mostly put money into cryptocurrencies believing they will go up in value in the future; their plan to sell at a higher price when it does.
Currently most cryptocurrencies serve no function than being currencies in themselves. Unfortunately these currencies are largely not recognised by governments, most institutional investors or companies are legitimate stores of value or legitimate currencies of transaction. As such legislation and rules around the world regarding them vary considerably and are often absent.
There are very few cryptocurrencies that have legitimised backing, are insured or supported by enterprises that are insured for their loss and essentially there is little to protect you if you lose money through them.
So why do people bother putting money into cryptocurrencies it in the first place?
If the present and future value of a cryptocurrency is driven purely by speculation then you are essentially gambling by putting your money to buy that coin and joining the pool of other gamblers who are doing so. You are essentially joining a ponzi scheme and waiting game hoping you've gotten in early enough and convinced enough people to buy more of the asset you hold at slightly higher prices until a price is reached that you can cash out at (or until that thing becomes so big that everyone starts using it as their store of value).
This type of dynamic essentially underpins the mentality of most investments and trades i.e. buy low and sell high. I'd like to add buy early for investors since buying during a low in an already established asset may be setting yourself up for being forced to sell at a lower low later (especially if you don't understand the fundamentals of that asset).
If however the present or future value of a cryptocurrency is driven by some service other than speculation which can attract and drive fiat currency into it's ecosystem then it is potentially valuable.
I.e. will people actually use their USD/Yuan/Euro/GBP/Yen/INR etc to actually purchase the coin in question to do something useful with it (other than gamble on it's future price).
There are some cryptocurrencies which satisfy this criteria:
It is not a currency, it is a remittance system and store of value. It has a reputation increasingly to being seen as a digital version of gold.
Bitcoin has the cultural and historical advantage of being the first cryptocurrency. It is also still the largest cryptocurrency by a long way with the largest marketcap i.e. price per bitcoin [$952 as of writing] x the number of bitcoin in circulation [16,074,687] which is $15.3 billion. Compare to it's next biggest competitor Ethereum which has a marketcap of $700 million (i.e. only 4.57% of Bitcoin's).
Bitcoin's value proposition is that it is a store of value. It may not be able to sustain this without significant upgrades to it's underlying software.
Monero (XMR)
Bitcoin does not have anonymity inherently built into it's software. Therefore if you buy and sell Bitcoin especially on cryptocurrency exchanges (where user registration is required), it is possible to trace whom Bitcoin is being transferred from and to.
For this reason I see Monero as Bitcoin + anonymity. I.e. it's value proposition is as store of hidden wealth. I also believe it does not have the issues that bitcoin does namely, same level of mainstream recognition, spotlight of regulatory awareness and developers do seem to be more focused on achieving better scalability and transaction times (it already does 10-20 minute verification time vs bitcoins 1 hour) which gives it better potential as a currency presently compared to Bitcoin.
-This sort of market cap dwarfs gold. However this type of up-scaled usability will not occur until the transaction verification times are much faster (nanoseconds) and the protocol is enhanced to cope with much larger transactions volumes and frequency at that speed; We are a long way off that.
I do believe fiat stored in Bitcoin will gradually transfer into Monero boosting it's value. I am not sure Monero though can presently bring fresh fiat currency (USD, Yuan etc) into it's ecosystem beyond outsider speculation in future price.
It is not unique in it's function or potential value proposition. My warning about holding Monerofor the long term is that it has competition for it's function not just from Bitcoin itself but from other anonymous coins such as Zcash, DASH (which provides instantaneous settlement) and SDC. Perhaps more importantly, Ethereum (ETH) is now planning to implement optional anonymity (via zSNARKs) in it's transaction network; if it does when combined with Ethereum's own functionality and well defined development roadmap (that will likely several second verification times in late 2017) would render XMR potentially redundant.
Ethereum (ETH)
The value proposition for Ethereum is that it allows for complex, trustless settlement systems to be built on it. This is a huge deal because the scope of applications is wide and although the technology needs to mature (to support greater transaction volume, frequency and more secure functionality) the sheer amount of fiat such a platform could attract through conversion of traditional centralised settlement and contract services to more secure decentralised platforms is very huge.
Shadowcash (SDC)
The value proposition is a double escrow, fully anonymous, decentralised privacy platform which incorporates private chat, private marketplace and secure, trustless private settlement system into one platform that is fully integrated into it's own blockchain.
Shadowcash already has multiple features that make it an excellent store of value: Low coin supply, potential for great demand, near instantaneous transaction verification times, ability to earn interest for simply holding it.
Shadowcash is incredibly easy to use and is heavily focused on usability. This is absolutely essential to it's end users: customers who seek convenient easy and speedy secure anonymous transaction. This will be a dream come true for traditional users of darknet markets.
To explain why lets elaborate on traditional darknet markets where in order to transact anonymously you have to:
1. Download the TOR browser. 2. Learn how to use it. 3. Buy XMR or Bitcoin. 4. Learn how to transact with these coins *safely* (yes this is still an issue with XMR in spite of it's built in privacy). 5. Learn how to and where to find reliable secure darknet markets. 6. Create accounts on these markets to access them *and* 7. Have faith that the websites and the highly centralised (and thus much more vulnerable) servers hosting those markets you use will not get shut down, not disappear with your money and not betray your transaction details and potentially identities to the authorities should they be infiltrated by them. 
Whereas with Shadowcash's market place this process will become:
1. Download the Shadowcash Umbra client ( 2. Buy some SDC on an exchange and transfer it to your Umbra client. 3. Browse the Shadowcash marketplace and transact securely, safely and anonymously. 
In summary I think Shadowcash can be a very useful application as a privacy platform for private communications and transactions.
Those two points constitute it's value proposition. By nature of the way it works it has an easily identifiable P/E ratio based on the amount used to create the fund ($10.5 million) against the current value of that fund based on it's
Summary lessons
The first rule in investing or trading in a given cryptocoin is deciding if it has a value proposition:
1. *Can it draw fiat currency (USD, Euro, Yuan etc) in such a way as to give it a valuation that is fully independent of pure speculation?* 2. *Is it unique?* 3. *Is it rare?* A limited supply with a low or negative inflation rate will lead to increasing price as demand goes up. 4. Are there significant risks associated with the value proposition? 
In the next article I will cover lesson 3b: Price metrics and valuations. It will be much shorter I promise but equally informative and we will cover topics such as price determination, impact of speculation, price manipulation, whales and their impact and the impact of bitcoin on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Finally just to really hammer it home; why am I posting this on the Shadowcash subreddit?
It is because Shadowcash is the best cryptocurrency investment of 2016 and I believe it will be again by March 2017.
1. Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations,, Last Checked 30/01/2017 2. What is the value of all the Gold in the world?, Last Checked 30/01/2017. 3. ICONOMI Cryptocurrencies Index (ICNX) 21 December 2016 Rebalancing, 4. ICNx trend chart,, Last updated 30th Nov 2017 5. Shadowcash (SDC) - The billion dollar baby!,, Last updated 16 August 2016. 
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your financial decisions, nor am I advising you take a particular financial position. Rather I am sharing my experiences and hoping you form your own opinions and insights from them. Full disclosure: I have long positions in Ethereum (ETH), Shadowcash (SDC), ICONOMI (ICN), Augur (REP) and Digix (DGD).
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NOTE: This post will grow over Time, as with most of my matherial.
Remember: When A=1, B=2, C=3 etc, that "Water" = "Dark Magic" = "The One"
...and also, that "Revelation" = 121 = "Metaphorical" = 121 = "Math-thematic"
North Korea NK 14.11
From the motherjones article:
I sort of figured something like this must be going on:
Time give us details:
“In view of the research finding that the North Korea nuclear test site at Mantapsan has collapsed, it is necessary to continue to monitor any leakage of radioactive materials that may have been caused by the collapse,”
What has collapsed?
but it appears to have been destined to be:
Different sorts of metaphors (for the same thing, I'd argue):
ie. "remote code bug" = 133 = "Good numbers"
Revealing an unpatchable method to unlock every single current X1 chip is not something Team ReSwitched takes lightly, Temkin said
Temkin (ie. The Kin of Time, Templars)
Also: Sacred Cows Kin(e)
Say: "I'm keen" ??
“In view of the research finding that the North Korea nuclear test site at Mantapsan has collapsed, it is necessary to continue to monitor any leakage of radioactive materials that may have been caused by the collapse,”
A large part of North Korea’s underground nuclear test facility is unusable due to the collapse of a cavity inside the mountain after the latest test-detonation occurred
Soon after the sixth and largest blast last September, satellite images suggested that one part of the site, a 7,200 foot granite peak called Mount Mantap had diminished in height
The Tapping of Man...
Consider the terminology: to be tapped (ie. to join the secret society):
"To be tapped" = 104 (ie. 10-4, message received)
"The Hidden Hand" = 247 reverse (ie. ritually reflected and manifested in Time)
What is Fire TV Cube?
The Matrix (111 / 321 ...
The Countown of the Matrix
Signs point to the rumored Amazon Fire TV Cube being a real device that may debut soon
  • "The Black Cube" = 93 = "Saturn"
  • "Propaganda" = 93 = "Harvest"
  • "Behold! Time!" = 93 = "Strong"
  • "Bend The Knee" = 93
North Korea's phonebook is considered a secret document.
  • "a secret document" = "the good numbers"
  • "a secret document" = "the government"
  • "a secret document" = "secret society"
Turkish court sentences 15 Cumhuriyet staff on terrorism charges
The re-wiring of the esoteric algorithm:
Elephant-mammoth hybrid, genetically engineered without tusks and hardy enough to survive away from Africa or India,
  • "Elephant-Mammoth Hybrid" = 104 reduced
  • "The Tusk" = 104
"Elephant-Mammoth Hybrid" = 991 jewish (ie. the 166: the secret society, has been turned upside down)
DA FedEx will consider way forward after De Lille MONC
ie. after the Devil Man See (ie the Devil sees Moon Key)
ie. this is a distraction from
  • "A: The Numeric Proof", and from...
  • "B: The Numeric Proof", and from...
  • "C: The Numeric Proof"
    • (note, equivalent to the pyramid-scheme spell augmentations I've been doing with A, AA, and AAA)
... and a linked video, remembering that "Revelation" = 121 = "Metaphorical"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Reptilians"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Serpentile"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Monsters"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Serpent God"
  • "Abraxas" = 123 reverse
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Real Truth"
  • "Conspiracy" = 123 = "Lying Scum"
"The Proof of Conspiracy" = 247
Drums = Time.
Neo knows statistics:
  • "A drum major backbend" = 156
The 156th prime number is 911
  • "The Conspiracy" = 156
Neo can do what he does because he is illuminated:
  • "The drum major backbend" =188 = "Bavarian Illuminati"
  • "The Enlightened" = 188 bacon
Neo: "No.":
  • "I know statistics" = 1601 jewish (ie. 1.61 - golden ratio)
  • "Stop Bullets" = 161 = "Green Matrix Code" = 161 = "Undercurrent" (ie. 1.61 - golden ratio)
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "English Alphabet"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Spells Speech"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Occult Alphabet"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Alphabet Gematria"
  • "Statistics" = 139 = "Pyramid Scheme"
"I know statistics" I know how to make things static I know how to stop time
"Symbolic" = 1,618 squares (ie. golden ratio, to 3 decimal places, in a seriously loaded word)
Many tribes of man have a name for their tribe, and this name often (in their own language) means: The True Man, or The Real Man, or The Real People:
"The Real People" = 419 jewish
In mathematics:
Youtube 419 scam: (not this channel, but Youtube's machinations)
If you've got Time on your hands, read the first comment at the link I posted above, again:
Now there are two studies, both by groups of respected seismologists. One finds that one of the "aftershocks" was in fact the collapse of the cavity created by the explosion. @JNBPage -- again, who wrote the only non-garbage story so far -- quotes the key bit. 3/8
  • "seismologist" = 1,322 trigonal (ie. Military Industrial Complex)
  • "seismologists" = 181 = "fire breathing dragon"
  • "AAA: seismologists" = 1776 trigonal (I've posted about this numbedate a few times very recently)
  • "AAA: seismologists" = 321 bacon
This spelling is an obfuscation, however:
  • "size-mologists" = 188 = "Bavarian Illuminati"
  • "size-mologists" = 188 = "Alphabet Conspiracy"
quotes the key bit
...and 'S' is special:
"aftershock" = 106 = "magic number" = 106 = "the number" = 106 = "prophecy"
See the upside down 419 scam:
A tip: if you see some bolded words in a comment or news article, add the word "bold" to the spell:
the vying kings sail heaving seas...
[email protected] primal expedition
  • "expedition" = 121 = "revelation" (which is pretty interesting in itself: "the great debate" = 121)
  • "bold expedition" = 154 / 73 / 1212 trigonal / 2270 squares (which is even more interesting)
As mentioned above: "Water" = "Dark Magic" = "The One" (ie. 67, which reduced to 13)
  • "Dark Magic" = 189 primes
  • "Words to live by" = 189 = "Enslave humanity"
...but we know the words now: Wafflehouse = Revelation:
Be aware:
Thinker = TH inker The Inker 33 Inker
"The Black Cube" = 1,247 squares
"TimeCube" = 616 trigonal
A different sort of metaphor:
ie. The Sand Borg Revealed.
"AAA: The Sand Borg Revealed" = ???
"C: The Sand Borg Revealed" = ???
See the Sand Borg Revealed (ie. the sand-witches)
  • "Sand Witch" = 153 bacon
  • "The Village" = 153 bacon
  • "The Illuminati" = 153
ie. The Dei's of Our Lives The Gods of Our Lives
from this link, already listed above:
Jeffrey Lewis thinks this whole thing is overblown:
No, North Korea’s nuclear test mountain did not collapse. (A note in place of the short thread I will write after I drop my children at school.)
— Jeffrey Lewis (@ArmsControlWonk) April 25, 2018
Nickel summary: one cavern collapsed, but there are others.
Nick-El Old Nic The God Satan
one cavern collapsed, but there are others.
You heard the man, fellow Abjurers, go root out the remaining tunnel rats... (warning: they're gross)
You heard the man, fellow Abjurers, go root out the remaining cyphers ... (he is implying more keys remain to be found)
...But that's if you want to believe a member of The School of the Circle:
A comment on the NK test site collapse:
If the mountain collapsed nuclear fallout would spread all over the Asian.
Grammatically awkward right? (ie. Orc-ward)
  • "nuclear fallout" = 161 (ie. golden ratio)
"The Asian(s)" does not mean what you think it does...
A comment:
Two very plausible explanations for their site closure spring to mind, in addition to "it's ruined":
1) They're lying and the site is not closed. Lying and doing the exact opposite of what they promised to do is literally their MO
2) They proved their design works so there's no point wasting more fuel repeating the test
Both of those are equally as likely as that the site has been completely destroyed. And a whole lot more likely than "and all the scientists and production facilities that were right there in the tunnel where the bomb was about to go off were destroyed as well!"
  • "it's ruined" = 119 = "master plan"
Another face of the same story? (Keep in mind the Nigerian Scam stuff listed above: 419 = 911):
The Nigerian baby factory = The Matrix !!!
From the wired article, linked above:
He waited for the questions, and for the next two hours, there were plenty of them. The word risk came up. The most dramatic comment came from computer science professor and cryptographer Eran Tromer. With the flair of Hercule Poirot revealing the murderer, he announced that he’d discovered a weakness. He spun a wild scenario involving a stolen phone, a second hacked phone, and a bank robbery. Ozzie conceded that Tromer found a flaw, but not one that couldn’t be fixed.
At the end of the meeting, Ozzie felt he’d gotten some good feedback. He might not have changed anyone’s position, but he also knew that unlocking minds can be harder than unlocking an encrypted iPhone...
...Still, he’d taken another baby step in what is now a two-years-and-counting quest.
ie. Santa is always watching...
/GeometersOfHistory/wiki/ (index)
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The intelligent investors guide to cryptocurrency: Part 3a - The value proposition

Introductions: I'm joskye. A cryptocurrency investor and holder.
Hi again. This is the third part in our ongoing series on how to trade better and determine intelligent investments in cryptocurrency for the future.
In part 3 I will now discuss Cryptocurrency valuations, price metrics and identifying coins of value, worth holding:
What makes a coin worth holding: The value proposition
What makes anything worth holding? How much of themselves is a person willing to put into it - that's how much.
Cryptocurrency is largely driven by faith. It is a speculative enterprise i.e. people mostly put money into cryptocurrencies believing they will go up in value in the future; their plan to sell at a higher price when it does.
Currently most cryptocurrencies serve no function than being currencies in themselves. Unfortunately these currencies are largely not recognised by governments, most institutional investors or companies are legitimate stores of value or legitimate currencies of transaction. As such legislation and rules around the world regarding them vary considerably and are often absent.
There are very few cryptocurrencies that have legitimised backing, are insured or supported by enterprises that are insured for their loss and essentially there is little to protect you if you lose money through them.
So why do people bother putting money into cryptocurrencies it in the first place?
If the present and future value of a cryptocurrency is driven purely by speculation then you are essentially gambling by putting your money to buy that coin and joining the pool of other gamblers who are doing so. You are essentially joining a ponzi scheme and waiting game hoping you've gotten in early enough and convinced enough people to buy more of the asset you hold at slightly higher prices until a price is reached that you can cash out at (or until that thing becomes so big that everyone starts using it as their store of value).
This type of dy