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Bitcoin en Français

Bitcoin est à la fois une devise monétaire et un système de paiement dans cette devise.

Todo sobre Bitcoin en Argentina

Un lugar para discusiones relacionadas a Bitcoin y la República Argentina.

Ayer hablamos sobre DeFi para Bitcoin en un gran meetup con RSK Smart Defilabdao y Defiant App! Te dejamos el video completo de la charla:

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Talk w/ Roger Ver @ LA Bitcoin Cash meetup

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LA Chargers' Left Tackle Russel Okung Announces Beginner Bitcoin Meetup For September

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The BCHino comes to LA meetup just in time to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Bitcoin Cash!

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Add to your calendar Bitcoin Unlimited (Futures) (BTU) event: LA Conexion Paris Meetup - September 12, 2019

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Bitcoin Cash meetup with Amaury Séchet, Bitcoin Cash lead developer, at La Maison Du Bitcoin, Paris

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Como usar el Bitcoin y las criptomonedas (Evento Meetup de Bitso 11 de Abril)

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DSM Bitcoin + Blockchain Meetup Thursday - 08.23.2018 - 7PM - Gravitate Valley Junction - Living La Vida Crypto - Join us :)

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[HOY!] Montevideo, nos vemos a las 19 h para hablar sobre #Bitcoin y #SmartContracts en el #MeetUp de #TestingUY! Los esperamos! 🌱🙌 📆 HOY! 10/10 🕖 19 h 📍 Edificio WTF Free Zone - Sala de reuniones #3 PB

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: DSM Bitcoin + Blockchain Meetup Thursday - 08.23.2018 - 7PM - Gravitate Valley Junction - Living La Vida Crypto - Join us :) /r/desmoines

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RT @tonimoral23: Presentación por parte de Meetup Bitcoin Madrid de la plataforma @RSKsmart Contratos inteligentes sobre #Bitcoin https://t.co/rpprF4m3L3

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Tone Vays - Trading Bitcoin - Live from the LA Meetup

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Bitcoin Cash meetup with Amaury Schet, Bitcoin Cash lead developer, at La Maison Du Bitcoin, Paris

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¿Alguien de acá va a las meetups de bitcoin argentina?

Eso, porque tenia pensado ir a ver que onda. Si alguien fue me puede contar su experiencia.
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Huge Bitcoin meetup in LA tonight with BitPay, Gyft and CoinMKT

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We're having a meetup in France prior to edcon. We'll be at La Maison Du Bitcoin on the 16th starting at 5:30. Come join us!

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RSK te invita al Meetup Bitcoin en el Bitcoin Center Argentina el Lunes 19 a las 19hs.Vení a conocer más sobre Bitc… https://t.co/OdmyyHV8Vc

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Bitcoin LA Meetup Report

So I went to my first Bitcoin LA Meetup. Prior to this, I had not really talked to anyone about Bitcoin other than family and friends. Tonight's meetup was "Show and Tell" where LA people got five minutes to talk about their companies or ideas and present to everyone attending.
This was held at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, a co-workspace/startup office. Nice high tech feel. The moderator said that six months ago, there were 15 people in the Meetup group. Today there were over 620. Over 100 people showed up. Bitpay paid for the pizza, pasta, beer, and wine.
I won't go into who presented and what they did, it was shot and should be online somewhere. My impression was that there was lots on enthusiasm and everyone had passion for their project/companies, but still the big issue for Bitcoin is to get over the "hump" and gain widespread acceptance. There were infrastructure companies, charities, wallets, APIs, exchanges, consultants, and some interesting odds and ends.
Afterwards, we went to a bar down the street where they haven't gotten them to take Bitcoin yet but hopefully soon.
Gox was talked about but no one was too worried about it. Everyone was talking about the possibilities, which is what we are all here for.
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Partial transcript of Andreas Antonopoulos' presentation at the LA Bitcoin Meetup - This dude's spoken words need to be circulated in writing more often.

One of my favorite people in Bitcoin is Andreas Antonopoulos. He has a rare combination of CS brilliance, eloquence and authenticity that makes him IMO Bitcoin's greatest evangelist and champion.
I took the time to write-up a partial transcript of Andreas' recent presentation on Bitcoin at the LA Bitcoin Meetup, because the full presentation with Q&A is 90 minutes long. I've included what I thought were his most eloquent and concise points because it's important to get some of his spoken words on paper, and because I'm going to use a lot of his points when educating others about Bitcoin. I would vote for Andreas in a heartbeat if he ran for any type of public office, and have an enormous amount of professional respect for the dude, although I've only met him in passing. I have edited for clarity and length. Mistakes/omissions are my own, brilliance is attributable to Andreas.
On the Irrelevance of Bitcoin's Flaws: "Bitcoin is not perfect, but it's good enough. And when you have a tech that achieves network scale and can be distributed over a large network, good enough suddenly becomes perfect, not because it is perfect, but because it enables the kind of innovation that makes it sticky, that starts accelerating the network effect. And Bitcoin has some of the strongest network effects ever seen. Why? Because it's money. The literal value of the network can increase exponentially."
On the Superiority of Decentralized Systems: "Nature doesn't do hierarchical systems, humans do. And normally we create hierarchical systems to solve the problems of scale. Bitcoin solves one of the main problems of hierarchical systems, which is that the people who rise to the top become corrupted and gradually subvert the hierarchical system to serve their own needs. Hierarchical systems don't scale and they don't deliver equality for very long. Decentralized systems scale and as long as the rules they are based on operate, they can level the playing field for all participants. If you can put a decentralized system next to a hierarchical system and people have a choice to choose between the two, the decentralized system will always deliver more value to every node within the network, and it will do so with better accountability, better predictability, less uncertainty, less risk, and it is much harder to corrupt and coopt, and now we're doing it to money for the first time in history. That's a very big deal."
On Bitcoin as a Global Reserve Currency: "In North America, we have the world's reserve currency. It's a good, stable currency. A lot of libertarians and Austrian economists will say: "The dollar sucks." Yes, the dollar sucks, but it sucks 193 times less than the other 193 other currencies. So when we ask why does Bitcoin matter in North America, the answer is: it doesn't. It matters far more in every other place in the world. You go to Argentina; their currency is devaluing at 30% per year. People's savings are disappearing before their eyes. Their futures are being stolen by a central bank. For these people, Bitcoin is a choice that allows them to achieve economic independence. We would love to have economic independence here, because our financial system is f***ed up and corrupt, but compared to the rest of the world, it's easy. It's great."
Bitcoin as a Force for Social Good: "Bitcoin is really all about the other 6 billion people. About 3 billion people have no bank accounts. About 1 billion people have ample access to credit and large pools of liquidity, so they can start businesses, buy homes, etc. They have access to international finance, transferring money and conducting international trade without many restrictions. The middle 3 billion may have bank accounts, but those bank accounts have currency controls, and those people don't have the ability to do international trade. They are stuck in a currency controlled by a central bank that uses inflation as a means to steal from the people. Essentially inflation becomes a form of taxation.
This stolen money usually goes to buy guns and tanks and bombs, which is why I'm in Bitcoin. In the state of human affairs, if you ask a nation to divest its wealth in order to fund war, the only way you can do that is by stealing, by lying, by cheating. If you ask for the consent of the governed to fund war, they will say no. They would rather fund healthcare, education or development. So when you have a currency that is not subject to central bank control, you achieve separation of money and state. You take away the power of state to use money as a means of control and enrichment. Until now, each government was able to apply control through money, by issuing it, taxing in that money and controlling the flow of money into and out of that country. Bitcoin is not the 194th currency, it is the first global currency. It is the first algorithmic currency. We can trust mathematics because we can predict exactly what will happen on the Bitcoin network.
We have the opportunity, not to bank the other 6 billion, but to unbank all 7 billion of us. We have the opportunity to allow the developing world to leapfrog directly from cash-based societies to digital cash societies and bypass the entire failed experiment of central currencies from the western world. They will take the opportunity just like they leapfrogged landlines and went directly to cellphones."
On Governments' Inability to Stop Bitcoin: "You cannot stop money that is information. Stopping bitcoin would involve shutting down the internet. I truly believe that Bitcoin is absolutely unstoppable from external perspectives today. That doesn't mean that it will survive. It means that if we f*** it up, it will fail from the inside. There are certain failure modes that bitcoin could exhibit today, probably the most serious would be a bug that allows someone to subvert the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm in a way that wouldn't be noticed for a long time, in which case you wouldn't know who owns what. That could crash bitcoin."
On Global Remittance Innovation: One of the most exciting financial solutions is the ability of the payment networks to do peer-to-peer payments, the most important of which is global remittances. Global remittances are a $510bn market, where migrant workers send that money back home to support families in the poorest nations in the world. Today, Western Union and similar companies extract $74 billion in fees for those services. Even as the developed world provides $150 billion in direct foreign aid to the top of the pyramid in the hopes that it trickles down, we steal $74 billion from the base of the pyramid. That money could go to sanitation, clean water, healthcare, food. This is not our money, it's theirs, and it just means we need to take it away from Western Union. And that couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of crooks."
On whether 51% attacks are something to worry about: "The 51% attack is an interesting theoretical experiment with limited practical uses. If you were to take over 51% of the network you would be able to successfully issue a double spend attack, but you could really only affect the next couple of blocks. [So the economics of a 51% don't really make sense.] Besides that, Gavin Andresen (the lead core Bitcoin developer) would make changes to the core protocol in the event that the integrity of the block chain was threatened."
On whether we should worry about SHA-256 Failing (the underlying security algorithm on which Bitcoin is based): "The hashing algorithm can be replaced, with a minimal impact on the blockchain, but very big impact on the miners. But practically speaking, if SHA-256 were to break, we would have much bigger problems. Because it underlies security of all financial systems, and all of our communications networks...and the tomahawk cruise missile codes."
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Beers & Bitcoins meetup in downtown LA next Wednesday (June 5)!

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[VIDEO] Digital LA / L.A. Bitcoin Meetup Panel - Bitcoind Foundation officials, entrepreneurs and merchant solutions

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EOS is highly undervalued because there was so much FUD

Because so much FUD has been produced in the last year (including by coindesk), the price of EOS has dropped quite a bit against other coins like Ethereum. But the technology, the developers and the community are still growing in secret. The community is just waiting for the big breakthrough to come.
Very good Collection against EOS FUD: eosbasecamp . com
A lot of people are saying the network is congested, but it is working as designed. You can rent EOS on REX very cheap. Much cheaper than ETH gas fees. Or you just use a wallet like anchor from Greymass and you can continue with free transactions (as designed the big players offers free transactions for their users).
BP's were never and are not a chinese cartel. There are a lot of big players competing against each other. The government is improving with token holders and big proxies starting to set criterias for the Block Producers. In fact the block producers developed a Framework for exchanges, so the users can vote if they have their token on a exchange: medium . com/@generEOS/open-source-exchange-voting-portal-ede575090ee3
BlockProducers have a contract to perform. If one miss too much blocks, he can get temporarily removed from 15 out of 21 BP's. BP's and block one working together to improve the IT infrastructure for EOS regularly. Just check the huge improvement in the last 6 month with the EOS benchmark: alohaeos . com/tools/benchmarks#networkId=1&timeframeId=12
Block one is continuously developing EOSIO Software. With EOS 2.0 the network is able to process around 10'000 tx/s (Proved on the testnet). EOS 3.0 is in development.
With eosio.evm (Ethereum virtual machine) there is now a possibility for Ethereum developers to take advantage of the speed from EOS.
BOSIBC just created interblockchain communications between the EOSIO chains. Dan is working on IBC as well with 4 chains (private EOSIO chains interacting with the EOS mainchain).
With Voice coming out this summer, there will come out as well a KYC method/solution with face ID without the need for government documents.
There are several promising products who start the DeFi development on EOS. Interview with Yves La Rose June 2020: esatoshi . club/satoshi-club-x-eos-ama-recap-from-june-8
And with the DAPP Network you can do unlimited scaling with childchains and sharding (Yes this îs already a working product!), develop/connect with any or multiple blockchains, universal account - one user account for all blockchains you want to use, maximal affordable decentralized storage, decentralized and trustless oracle similar to chainlink, but without needing a separate blockchain and with never seen low latency, easily create scheduled tasks and timers, boundless computational power, Easily implement randomness without resorting to vulnerable, complex, or expensive methods… As a developer with DAPP Network you can do whatever you want and whatever you need and connect anything with everything.
There was just so much FUD about EOS and everybody fell for it! I think that whoever started the EOS FUD is just scared like shit, that EOS actually delivers what they promised! Everybody who is a little bit smart understand the potential from EOSIO and DAPP Network. EOS is now there, where Ethereum will be in 5 years.
And no, there are not only Gambling Dapps on EOS:
everypedia . org: everyone’s decentralized encyclopedia
peos . one: private & untraceable transactions on EOS (Monero tech combined with the speed from EOS)
eosdt . com: over-collateralized stable coin (like MAKER)
vigor . ai: world's first multi-collateral insured token protocol available everywhere
chintai . io: issuance and management and secondary trading of tokenized securities
eosoptions . com: low latency on-chain options platform
prediqt.everipedia . org: prediction market protocol and #DeFi platform
acueos . io: decentralized moneymarket protocol for lenders and borrowers
pizza . live: PIZZA-USDE generate USDE stablecoin, decentralized financial ecosystem
liquidapps . io and dappsolutions . app: DAPP Network with LiquidOracles, LiquidChain (childchains and sharding), LiquidX (Connect any blockchain), vRam, vCPU, universalAccounts, LiquidScheduler, LiquidRandomness
newdex . io: the world's leading decentralized exchange
eosfinex . com: A high-performance exchange built on EOSIO
dexeos . io: EOS-based Decentralized Exchange
ive . one: global investment & issuing platform for digital assets
dgoods . org: A digital, distributed, open standard for virtual items on blockchain
sense . chat: Messenger built to communicate, organize, and reward your communities and friends
wordproof . io: wordpress plugin to protect website content
joinseeds . com: ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet
emanate . live: instantly rewards artists and music lovers for their creative expression
travala . com/payment/eosio-eos: Book Hotels and Accommodations, Worldwide
marketcap . one: EOS Pricefeeds
gallery . pixeos. art: International Marketplace for Collecting Art
prospectors . io: exciting strategy game on EOS and WAX (IBC connected) gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto
darkcountry . io: NFT Card Game with export functions to all possible blockchains
turncoatgalaxies . com: Turncoat Galaxies Strategy game
blankos . com: Huuuge Mythical NFT Game
voice . com: freedom of Speech. where truth has a voice
effect . ai: earn with the perfect combination of human and machine
Piña: eoslongisland . com/pina : is a restaurant review, rate reward app
Lifebank: youtube . com/watch?v=tgbZWs5vE5s : blood donation app
Fabblink: youtube . com/watch?v=AynFqe7GBAw : enable transparent, secure and reliable distributed automated manufacturing
Qure: devpost . com/software/qure-d3ihje : economic virtual meetup community
Kyros: youtube . com/watch?v=TwVbfJNvvGA : certificates Hub
transledger . io: Move Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoincash to faster networks (EOS)
For sure I forgot some and a lot more will follow for sure...

vc . eos . io: PartneInvestments and Grants Overview from EOS VC and partners Galaxy Digital, EOS Global, SVK Crypto and FinLab
And EOS VC Grants Program continues investing in projects (today 34 companies) who use EOSIO software which will all benefit EOS in some ways: eos . io/news/blockone-announces-eos-vc-grants-recipients
and other investments to grow the EOSIO ecosystem: Gapless receives 5.5 million euros after support from the FinLab EOS VC Fund and Porsche AG, Expects 100,000 Listed Vehicles by EOY: chainbulletin . com/car-app-gapless-holds-successful-funding-round-expects-100000-listed-vehicles-by-eoy/
Major U.S. accounting firm Grant Thornton has announced a new platform for its clients to handle their intercompany transactions using the EOSIO blockchain. By doing this, they capture a small slice of an area worth $40 trillion annually: cointelegraph . com/news/grant-thornton-moves-intercompany-transactions-to-eosio
sparrowexchange . com Singapure based options trading platform. Stefan Schuetze, Managing Director of FinLab EOS VC Fund, said, "We are excited to invest in Sparrow, which is developing the next generation of financial products by leveraging EOSIO for their on-chain settlement layer." prnewswire . co.uk/news-releases/sparrow-raises-usd-3-5-mil-in-series-a-funding-874437988.html
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Trading Bitcoin - Live from the LA Meetup The Re-decentralized Web - LA Meetup Sep 2016 Meetup La Maison du Bitcoin #3 Nov. 2014 L.A. Bitcoin Meetup - Tom Holub, BitOasis.net - LIVE from Byron Bay Bitcoin Meetup - Tone Vays Answers Bitcoin Questions

ToneVays Website: Bitcoin: 3Hk9cR6p8XAAbmD2GkvSdcbznhqXvLDX4o Litecoin: LPUU9aMnzpjvhr5yEfW7hz1JjbgQ1zYDvw Topics: Live from LA Meetup:… La separación del dinero y el Estado es de las consecuencias más importantes de la existencia de Bitcoin como garante de la libertad individual. El monopolio Estatal de la política monetaria sin un debido sistema de balances y contrabalances, abre la posibilidad de que cualquier gobierno caiga en la arbitrariedad y utilice la economía nacional […] Le troisième meetup virtuel de Bitcoin Liège se déroulera mardi 26 mai 2020 de 19h00 à 21h00 sur la plateforme Discord. « Pour ce rendez-vous du mois de mai, on va discuter de l’actualité de Bitcoin et des cryptomonnaies en général. Donc pas de présentation mais des échanges d’information et du réseautage. » Le lien discord : https://discord.gg/zzfJDMA En savoir plus : […] Find a group in Los Angeles Imagine what you could do with the right people by your side. Check out groups in the Los Angeles area and give one a try. Join Meetup. Let's Meetup! All groups Groups your friends have joined Arts Beliefs Book Clubs La Grange Office: 1022 S La Grange Rd, La Grange, IL 60525 | (708) 639-4320 Hinsdale Office: 23 N Lincoln St, Hinsdale, IL 60521 | (708) 639-4320

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Trading Bitcoin - Live from the LA Meetup

El 11 de enero realicé un meetup sobre Bitcoin y criptomonedas. Os adjunto parte de los enlaces que pudimos ver y debatir. http://www.usdebtclock.org/index.h... In unserem siebten virtuellen Bitcoin Meetup hatten wir Lawrence a.k.a. Lando Rothbardian von Shopinbit und SatoshiGoods zu Gast. In seinem Vortrag geht er auf den Kreislauf im Bitcoin-Ökosystem ... In this talk presented at the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup, Andreas examines the impact of payments and the re-decentralization of the web. Want to hear more about Bitcoin and open blockchains? Presented to the Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup "Show and Tell" on March 4, 2014 at Cross Campus, Santa Monica, CA. Sponsored by BitPay. LIVE from Byron Bay Bitcoin Meetup - Toney Vays Answers Bitcoin Questions 👇👇 👉 Subscribe so you don't miss the next one: http://bit.ly/2QKVDdV ️ Watch my la...

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