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Sonoran Spores’ 500+ Review GIVEAWAY DAY 2! Good luck to all who enter :) Today’s prizes: 1x fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting, 3x super orange phenotype Cubensis prints, 1x Collector’s set!!! Details, rules, and entry below!

Hello all, hope you all are ready for Day 2 of our 500+ Review Giveaway! We have another great day of fun and prizes. Thank you for your continued support <3
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-One entry per person per day (if you have more than one account we kindly ask you enter from just one account)
-Active spores are ILLEGAL in CA, ID, or GA and therefore cannot be sent to the states. If you are from one of these states and still would like to enter to try and win a San Pedro PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU ARE FROM ONE OF THESE STATES! You will still be eligible to win a cactus as they are legal in those states, but if your name is drawn for an active spore prize then we will be forced to draw another name
-Active spores are for microscopy use only
-San pedro are for ornamental purposes only
-Cacti will only ship in the US as they will most likely not survive the trip due to how long international post has been taking due to the pandemic :(
-International winners (spore prizes only) will have to pay for shipping and we can only accept international payments through Bitcoin since our PayPal account got suspended. INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THROUGH BITCOIN. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience
-Names will be drawn randomly for random prizes
PRIZE 1: Fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting (shipped bare root) here’s a picture (internal reddit link)
WINNER: u/somewhereman3
PRIZE 2: 3x super orange phenotype Cubensis prints * Prints from a mutation originally found in the wild that makes the fruits orange (clean spores)!
WINNER: u/thebesturkeysandwich
PRIZE 3: Collector’s Set*
WINNER: u/SasquatchSpirit
You have 24 hours (Today until Midnight MST) to enter!!
Good luck to all who are entering! Wishing you health and happiness🍄💙
*Syringe varieties that are included in the Collector’s Set
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Sonoran Spores’ 500+ Review GIVEAWAY DAY 1! Thank you all so much for your support <3 Today’s prizes: 1x fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting, 1x 15 spore syringe grab pack, 1x Connoisseur Kit!!! Details, rules, and entry below!

Hello all, welcome to Day 1 of our 500+ Review Giveaway. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so excited to share these awesome prizes with you all :)
-To enter all you have to do is upvote and comment below!
-Active spores are ILLEGAL in CA, ID, or GA and therefore cannot be sent to the states. If you are from one of these states and still would like to enter to try and win a San Pedro PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU ARE FROM ONE OF THESE STATES! You will still be eligible to win a cactus as they are legal in those states, but if your name is drawn for an active spore prize then we will be forced to draw another name.
-Cacti will only ship in the US as they will most likely not survive the trip due to how long international post has been taking due to the pandemic :(
-International winners (spore prizes only) will have to pay for shipping and we can only accept international payments through Bitcoin since our PayPal account got suspended. INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THROUGH BITCOIN. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience
-Names will be drawn randomly for random prizes
EDIT: 1 entry per person per day!
PRIZE 1: Fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting (shipped bare root) Here’s a picture! (internal reddit link)
WINNER: u/endloser
PRIZE 2: 15 spore syringe grab pack*
WINNER: u/SharkTamer1
PRIZE 3: Connoisseur Kit * 1x Albino Penis Envy swab pack * 1x Avery’s Albino swab pack * 1x Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) swab pack * Panaeolus cambodginiensis variety “Sandoz” swab pack * 1x Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata swab pack
WINNER: u/Cambeith
You have 24 hours (Today until Midnight MST) to enter!!
Best of luck to everyone entering. As always, Mush love🍄💙
*Syringe varieties available for 15 spore syringe grab pack:
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Sonoran Spores’ 500+ Review GIVEAWAY DAY 5! Today is the last day- good luck everyone :) 5 different prizes to win today!!! Details, rules, and entry below!🌵🍄💙

Hello all, welcome to the 5th and Final Day of our 500+ review giveaway! Good luck to all. Thank you all for the support you have been showing us, we couldn’t be happier to share these prizes with you guys! <3 Since today is the last day, there are FIVE prizes to win today!
-To enter all you have to do is upvote and comment below!
-One entry per person per day (if you have more than one account we kindly ask you enter from just one account)
-Active spores are ILLEGAL in CA, ID, or GA and therefore cannot be sent to the states. If you are from one of these states and still would like to enter to try and win a San Pedro PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU ARE FROM ONE OF THESE STATES! You will still be eligible to win a cactus as they are legal in those states, but if your name is drawn for an active spore prize then we will be forced to draw another name
-Active spores are for microscopy use only
-San pedro are for ornamental purposes only
-Cacti will only ship in the US as they will most likely not survive the trip due to how long international post has been taking due to the pandemic :(
-International winners (spore prizes only) will have to pay for shipping and we can only accept international payments through Bitcoin since our PayPal account got suspended. INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THROUGH BITCOIN. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience
-Names will be drawn randomly for random prizes
PRIZE 1: Fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting (shipped bare root) Here’s a picture (internal Reddit link)
WINNER: u/eurobanana
PRIZE 2: 1x Connoisseur Kit * 1x Albino Penis Envy Swab Pack * 1x Avery’s Albino Swab Pack * 1x Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) * 1x Panaeolus cambodginiensis variety “Sandoz” swab pack * 1x Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata swab pack
WINNER: u/iAmUnintelligible
PRIZE 3: 1x Collector’s Set*
WINNER: u/thirdeyemyc
PRIZE 4: 10 spore syringe grab pack*
WINNER: u/Plantiacaholic
PRIZE 5: Exotic Cubensis Swabs * 1x Albino Penis Envy swab pack * 1x Avery’s Albino swab pack * 1x Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) swab pack
WINNER: u/broken_veil
You have 24 hours (Today until Midnight MST) to enter!!
Good luck to all! We are wishing you health and happiness🍄💙
*Syringe varieties included in the Collector’s Set and available for the 10 spore syringe grab pack
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Sonoran Spores’ 500+ Review GIVEAWAY DAY 3! Wishing you all luck :) Today’s prizes: 1x fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting, 1x Connoisseur Kit, 1x 15 spore syringe grab pack!!! Details, rules, and entry below!

Hello all, welcome to Day 3 of our 500+ review giveaway! We love seeing all of you participate- good luck to everyone entering. Thank you for your continued support <3
-To enter all you have to do is upvote and comment below!
-One entry per person per day (if you have more than one account we kindly ask you enter from just one account)
-Active spores are ILLEGAL in CA, ID, or GA and therefore cannot be sent to those states. If you are from one of these states and still would like to enter to try and win a San Pedro PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU ARE FROM ONE OF THESE STATES! You will still be eligible to win a cactus as they are legal in those states, but if your name is drawn for an active spore prize then we will be forced to draw another name
-Active spores are for microscopy use only
-San pedro are for ornamental purposes only
-Cacti will only ship in the US as they will most likely not survive the trip due to how long international post has been taking due to the pandemic :(
-International winners (spore prizes only) will have to pay for shipping and we can only accept international payments through Bitcoin since our PayPal account got suspended. INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THROUGH BITCOIN. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience
-Names will be drawn randomly for random prizes
PRIZE 1: Fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting (shipped bare root) here’s a pic (internal reddit link)
WINNER: u/finefeatheredfriend5
PRIZE 2: 1x Connoisseur Kit * 1x Albino Penis Envy swab pack * 1x Avery’s Albino swab pack * 1x Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy) swab pack * 1x Panaeolus Cambodginiensis variety “Sandoz” swab pack * 1x Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata swab pack
WINNER: u/DrVorb
PRIZE 3: 15 spore syringe grab pack*
WINNER: u/CelibiMagic
You have 24 hours (Today until Midnight MST) to enter!!
Good luck and be well🍄💙
*Syringe varieties available for the 15 syringe grab pack
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Sonoran Spores’ 500+ Review GIVEAWAY DAY 4! May the odds be ever in your favor :) Today’s prizes: 1x fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting, 1 swab pack of each Cubensis available in swabs, 1x 20 spore syringe grab pack!!! Details, rules, and entry below!

Hello all, welcome to Day 4 of our 500+ review giveaway! Good luck to all. We are so happy to see so many entering, we are apart of the best community ever! <3
-To enter all you have to do is upvote and comment below!
-One entry per person per day (if you have more than one account we kindly ask you enter from just one account)
-Active spores are ILLEGAL in CA, ID, or GA and therefore cannot be sent to the states. If you are from one of these states and still would like to enter to try and win a San Pedro PLEASE MAKE NOTE IN YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU ARE FROM ONE OF THESE STATES! You will still be eligible to win a cactus as they are legal in those states, but if your name is drawn for an active spore prize then we will be forced to draw another name
-Active spores are for microscopy use only
-San pedro are for ornamental purposes only
-Cacti will only ship in the US as they will most likely not survive the trip due to how long international post has been taking due to the pandemic :(
-International winners (spore prizes only) will have to pay for shipping and we can only accept international payments through Bitcoin since our PayPal account got suspended. INTERNATIONAL CONTESTANTS MUST BE ABLE TO PAY FOR SHIPPING THROUGH BITCOIN. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience
-Names will be drawn randomly for random prizes
PRIZE 1: Fully rooted San Pedro “Monstrose” cutting (shipped bare root) here’s a pic (internal reddit link)
WINNER: u/tattooedtwin
PRIZE 2: 1 pack of each of the Cubensis varieties in swabs: * 1x Albino Penis Envy swab pack * 1x Avery’s Albino swab pack * 1x B+ swab pack * 1x Ban Sa Phang Kha swab pack * 1x Blue Meanie swab pack * 1x Ecuadorian swab pack * 1x Golden Mammoth swab pack * 1x Golden Teacher swab pack * 1x Lizard King swab pack * 1x Mazatapec swab pack * 1x Melmac (Homestead Penis Envy swab pack) * 1x McKennaii swab pack * 1x Nepal Chitwan swab pack * 1x PES Amazonian swab pack * 1x PF Classic swab pack * 1x Red boys swab pack * 1x Rusty Whyte swab pack * 1x Z-Strain swab pack
WINNER: u/bis_canna
PRIZE 3: 20 spore syringe grab pack*
WINNER: u/smprior
You have 24 hours (Today until Midnight MST) to enter!!
Good luck and be well🍄💙
*Syringe varieties available for the 20 syringe grab pack
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Ten days ago my game ( Day of the Fish ) got promoted at the Indie Corner. In these stats you can see the impact it had on my Game. Before I got promoted I had like 200 downloads and 30 reviews. This /r/AndroidGaming

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Ten days ago my game ( Day of the Fish ) got promoted at the Indie Corner. In these stats you can see the impact it had on my Game. Before I got promoted I had like 200 downloads and 30 reviews. This /AndroidGaming submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Captain of Industry gets Bitcoin game past Apple AppStore approvals... (Review: "I played all the way to round 50 and only got an 'email me for reward' screen...what a scam!")

Captain of Industry gets Bitcoin game past Apple AppStore approvals... (Review: submitted by AussieCryptoCurrency to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Anyone have to fight clients on project bills

I guess this is more of venting. Have this client for over 14 years. They unfortunately had a Ransomware attack during COVID. Multi-million dollar company. We worked day and night for over 10 days. Didn't wipe anything but their backups were corrupted because they didn't want to spend the money on backups, they paid the $9K ransom which they had us take care of it dealing with the ransom people (buying the bitcoins with their own money not ours), and dealing with the transaction. LUCKILY the ransom tool worked that we received after it was paid. Some systems had to be wiped, everything had to be backed up - over 5TB of data. Cleaned and scrubbed. Copied images of the servers JUST in CASE. Now the client gets the bill and says: "We are not accepting this invoice presently. We need to have an in depth review."
I mean really. It bothers me because they didn't struggle thru COVID, they still applied and got PPP and used it as owner draws (over $600k).
Asking them to pay a $20K bill. (7 servers, 67 workstations). If we did not get this done they would have gone out of business.
I do not think I am being unreasonable.
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If you've got at least one customer, I'm interested to review and promote your Bitcoin related business.

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Attention incoming interns! Here's a list of TIPS I WISH I KNEW starting my intern year, some things you can start working on now and some less commonly discussed but very important parts of your job

It’s that time of year and yet again I’ve seen plenty of incoming interns asking what they can do to prepare. I wrote this post to share some tips for all of the not-exactly-medical stuff I wish I knew before I started intern year and to share a few things that interns can do before they start to feel like they’re well prepared for the long white coat.
As a quick background, I was a surgery intern in the first half of the 2010s and much of this is informed by my notes and memories from that time in addition to everything I’ve learned since, particularly about professionalism both in medicine and in the business world with work I’ve done in the healthcare startup arena. I’m also not perfect and very much a work in progress myself and, outside the intern-specific items here, I try to do most of these things myself—sometimes more successfully than others.
So take what you think are good ideas here, leave what you don’t think would be useful, and if anyone else has anything to add, please feel free to chime in.
TL;DR: Intern year is hard. Here are some not-so-commonly-disucussed tips that may help.


1. Being an effective intern is, at its core, about being responsible, effective and reliable.

Your day to day responsibilities are nearly always dominated by the need to get things done and to do so in a manner that lets your other team members focus on their own roles and responsibilities. What about learning clinical medicine? You'll learn plenty and fast. Don't worry.
When reading through these tips below, view them from an angle of “would this help me develop an effective system for making sure everything gets done and nothing falls through the cracks?”

2. For your in-the-hospital life as well as your outside-the-hospital life, remember this one thing: you will forget.

You will be busy and have responsibilities in a way you likely have never experienced before. This will naturally make the day-to-day things in life more difficult than you’re used to so developing ways to outsmart your forgetful brain will pay off.

3. You are a professional now. This is your career. You’re in it.

It’s easy to view your life as a trainee as a sort of advanced student or something in between a student and a “real doctor”. But that’s not true. View yourself as a professional building your career. Your intern year is just the first step of that career. You’re a real doctor as much as any other now.

4. One of the hardest things about being an intern or resident is dealing with feelings of isolation. It will take work to actively manage and overcome those feelings.

Imposter syndrome, feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing or that you don’t belong, feeling like you’re not the person you used to be, that you don’t have time to do all the “normal” things that other people do, thinking your co-residents or attendings think you’re dumb, feeling that you don’t have time for friends/family/hobbies, ruminating on “what if I screw this up and hurt a patient?”, or “this doesn’t matter -- the patient is going to XX or YY anyway” etc are all common feelings and they all share the same undercurrent of feeling isolated in one way or another. You need to actively work to find ways to confront and overcome these feelings or else they will control you. When they control you, you’re burned out.
It may not seem like it at first, but nearly every single tip below is geared towards avoiding feelings of isolation. Feeling like you’re not in control of your finances will make you feel isolated. Feeling like you’re losing a handle on your relationships will make you feel isolated. Feeling like you’re behind on your email and haven’t done all the little things in life you need to do will make you feel isolated. Read these tips through that lens.

What you can do before you start

1. Organize and update your contacts. Seriously.

Here are some ways it can help you maintain and grow your relationships.
  • Use the ‘Notes’ feature in your contacts for everyone important in your life and all the new people meet.
    • You will forget your friends’ kids names and ages. Every time you get a birth announcement or see a post on social media, go to your friend’s contact, edit the notes and put in the info. Then, when you reach out to your friends, ask about their name.
    • You will forget your friends’ boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner’s name, especially if you’ve never met them or haven’t seen them for a long time. Put their name in your friends’ card with a note like “Started seeing Sam in June 2020, he/she’s a software engineer”. Someone you know gets married? Add their wedding date to their card.
    • You will forget how you knew people in your contacts. Met at a conference? Was a medical student on your heme onc service? Friend-of-a-friend you met at a wedding? Someone shares an interest you have? Make a note in their contact card. Tip: these notes are for you, not them. So if someone reminds you of an actor, or didn’t stop talking about bitcoin, make a note. It will help because you will forget.
  • Tag your contacts or add them to lists and use those tags/lists to your advantage.
    • Make lists or tags for your family, your medical school friends, your undergrad friends, your coresidents, your attendings, your medical students, the hospitals you’ll be working at, etc. Put those lists or tags to use like this:
      • You will forget to stay in touch with people important to you. Set reminders in your phone for every week / two weeks / month, etc to pull up a list (family, medical school friends, etc), pick someone on that list you haven’t chatted with in a while and text them and ask them how they’re doing. Aim to start a conversation, ask about what’s happening in their life. Texts are more personal and meaningful than liking a post on social media or sharing a meme. Initiating conversations with your friends and family will help you feel connected and will increase the likelihood they reach out to you.
      • Don’t label your medical students like “MS3 Laura” or “Sub-I Juan”, etc. Label them with their full name and treat them like the colleagues they are. Put them on a list, clear it out next year if you want, but don’t treat them as “MS3 XXX“ or “MS4 YYY”. I’m sure you remember feeling like a nameless/faceless medical student at times in school and I’m sure you didn’t love it. So don’t repeat that behavior. Add a note or two about them while you’re at it. Take enough interest in your medical students to treat them well. You never know when or how you’ll cross paths with them again.
      • If you rotate through different hospitals, you will forget which “ED” or “PACU” or “nursing station 3rd floor” numbers are which. Tag them or put them on a list. It’ll make finding them when you need them much easier.

2. Use a good note taking app and a good task manager app to help with both your in-hospital life and your outside-of-the-hospital life.

Here are some ways to use a notes app.
  • Make a note for each rotation you’re on. Add in any unstructured tips as they come up, like “Send all of Dr. X’s patients home with Y”, “Use the call room in the basement outside of the locker room, passcode 1234”, “Park in the X lot on the weekends”, “Dr. A likes to manage Z with Y”, “The case manager, NAME, usually sits at the computer behind the 2nd floor nurses station”, etc. Don't overthink them, just write them down when they come up. Review those notes the next time you rotate through because you will forget all those little things and they will help you in the future.
  • Create a master grocery list of all things you typically get at the grocery store. Share it with a roommate/partner so they can keep it updated too. That way if you ever stop to pick something up, you can review the list to make sure there’s nothing you’ll forget.
    • Make master lists for other things in your life too like “packing for a conference”, “packing for a family trip”, “Target/Wal-Mart household master list” so you can quickly review anytime something comes up so you minimize the chance of forgetting something
  • Make notes for all of the other stuff you have to manage in your life like your car, your apartment/house, your loans, etc and update them every time you work on that thing. Change your loan repayment? Add it to the note. Have to get your brakes fixed? Add to the note where you got it done, how much it cost, etc. Talk to your landlord about fixing the shower? Add it to the note. Have to call the medical board to sort something out with a license? Add it to the note.
  • I like two note apps on iOS: Bear for personal notes since it’s fast and has great tagging and Apple’s Notes app for shared notes
Pick a good task manager app and use it for all the things in your life that aren’t your day-to-day work
  • Cousin getting married and you can go to the wedding? Make tasks to ensure your time off, book your travel, buy a gift, rent a hotel room, etc. Then put all the relevant info into your note will forget.
  • Pandemic is over and you get to present a poster at a conference? Make tasks to review your draft with your coauthors, print your poster, book your travel, submit your reimbursement, etc. Then put all the relevant info into a note. Otherwise, you’ll forget.
  • I like Things and have also liked OmniFocus. There is a ton of content on how to set one of these things up for productivity so review it and use it YouTube search

3. Take charge of your finances

When I was an intern, I figured all I had to do was pay my loans and not go into more debt. I wish I had done the following instead:
  1. Read these two books: The White Coat Investor and I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Both are very good and have different strengths. The WCI is directly applicable to you and will help educate you in ways medical school didn’t about your financial future. IWTYTBR is much more of a “millennial” book but it’s very good for explaining big concepts and for providing a system to set yourself up for success. They’re both easy and relatively quick reads and don’t require any financial background. WCI is fine as an e-book but IWTY has a bunch of dialog boxes that make the e-book a poor experience, get a physical new or used copy.
  2. Set up a budget. I use and swear by You Need A Budget. It’s the best money I spend every year. Their system is easy and straightforward and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

4. Update your CV now and keep it updated regularly

You will no doubt have to share your CV with someone at some point whether it’s for fellowship or a research project or any number of things. The time to work on it is not when someone says “can you share your CV?” -- that’s a recipe for omissions, typos and mistakes. The only thing you should be doing every time you share your CV is giving it a quick once-over to make sure you don’t spot any mistakes and to make sure it’s up to date
There are plenty of templates online and your training institution may even have a preferred format somewhere on their website. Your ERAS application will give you a good head start but most of your medical school CV lines will either be condensed or removed all together unless something was particularly notable. You can almost always find example CVs online from senior people in your department or institution with a quick web search -- use a few as a guide
Set a reminder / task to update your CV at regular intervals. Quarterly is good, yearly at least. Save new versions of it each time so you can refer to the old ones if you need to and name them in a way to let you know you’re always sharing the most recent version, e.g., LASTNAME_FIRST NAME_CV_2020-06. You will forget if the one marked “CV” only is the right one you want to share.

5. Subscribe to a couple of newsletters to stay up to date with the world outside of your hospital

  • For general news, your preferred newspaper probably has a daily email briefing. Otherwise, Axios AM/PM and Politico’s Playbook are both very good quick reads to stay up to date with current events.
    • Keep up with healthcare news so you know what’s going on in the healthcare system broadly
      • Axios Vitals is a great, quick daily healthcare news update
      • Politico’s Pulse and Morning eHealth are both very good and have quick facts at the beginning if you just want to skim
      • Rock Health’s Rock Weekly is a decent summary of each week in the healthcare startup and technology world
Pick a few of these and aim to get through them each day. If you can’t get through them, unsubscribe to the ones you think are least relevant to you so you never feel “behind” in staying up with the news. You can breeze through the few you pick in a few minutes here and there throughout the day -- don’t make it any harder than that to feel like you’re “up to date” on the news.

General tips for maintaining relationships

  • For any romantic relationship, do these things if you don’t already:
 1. Make a rule: no phones at the table. * Don’t put your phone on the table face-up. Don’t put your phone on the table face-down. Keep your phone off the table and set to silent. * Focus on the person in front of you and show them you care about them by paying attention to them. We all know what it feels like to be with someone more interested in their screen than in interacting with you. If you’re on call, say “sorry, I’m on call, I may have to check something here and there”, apologize if you do check it and then put your phone away. 2. Make another rule: no phones in bed * Same principle as at the table. Want to feel like two strangers just passing through life who just so happen to share the same bed? Wake up, reach for your phone and scroll through your feeds like a zombie before getting out of bed. Same idea before bed. Your phone can wait. 3. If you’re at the point where you share finances, set a regular meeting to review how you’re doing. * Ideally, this is a “red, yellow or green” meeting and should only take a few minutes. Money can be a big conflict issue for relationships and avoiding talking about money is a surefire way to eventually turn to conflict. If you have a budget and shared goals, this should be quick. * A monthly check-in is good. Create a recurring calendar event, attach the shared notes or spreadsheet document you use, add your goals for the meeting and honor the meeting when it comes around. 
  • Eat with people who are important to you, if you can.
    • There’s something about sharing a meal that’s special in human nature. Friends who are important to you? Partners? Mentors you’re looking to get to know better after you’ve had a few chats? Try to eat with them when you can. And keep your phone off the table.
    • The same idea works with your coresidents and teams in the hospital. Eat with them if you can. Eating with others builds, strengthens and maintains relationships. Keep your phone off the table if you can.
Think about it this way: who would you consider a better mentor, the person you’ve met with a few times in their office where they sit behind their desk and you in front of them while they glance at their computer screen every time it pings or the person who’s invited you to get coffee or food and they kept their phone away the whole time? Now turn that around and realize the power of the message you can send to people you care about by trying to eat with them and show them they have your full attention.

Hospital tips

1. Learn to think about tasks as a continuum from start to finish instead of as a binary 'done/not done'.

Let’s say you have to order a CT for a patient of yours.
  • Instead of marking the task as complete the second you place the order for the CT, recognize that the whole task is not just placing the order, but also knowing when your patient is going down to the scanner, when they’re back, when the CT is up in the system, when the report is up and also that you’ve looked at the CT yourself and have read the report.
  • When your senior or attending asks you, “Did patient X get their CT?”, a not-so-great answer is “Yes” or “No”. A better answer is “they’re down at the scanner now” or “the scan’s done but it hasn’t been read yet. Want to look at it?” or “Yes, it’s negative for XXX but did show YYY”.
Whatever system you eventually adopt for your day-to-day task management in the hospital, whether it’s a list or index cards or a printed signout sheet, make sure you’re tracking both when orders go in, when they’re complete, when they’re cancelled, etc. Just marking things as complete once you place the order isn’t enough.

2. Signout is taken, not given.

What I mean by this is that when you take signout, that means you’re accepting responsibility for those patients. They might be your patients, you might be cross-covering, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that when those patients are your responsibility, it’s your responsibility to get what you need to know to take care of them.
Is someone signing out to you in a hurry and not giving you what you need? Ask them for that relevant past medical history, those exam findings, and so on. It’s not enough for the person handing off to say “we’re worried about x or y”, you’ve got to follow that up with “in case of x or y, is there a plan for what the team wants me to do?”. Get the answers you need.
A lot of covering patients on call is playing defense whereas the primary team generally plays offense. But that doesn’t mean you can play defense in isolation. The last thing you want is for the primary team to feel surprised by your choices.
 * Here’s two ways for the above example to go when turning the patients you were covering back over the next day or whatever: 1. You: “For patient so-and-so, you said you were worried about x or y. Y happened.” Them: “What did you do?”. You: “Z”. Them: “Shit, my attending’s not gonna like that”. 2. You “Y happened so I did A like you said, it went fine and here’s the current status”. Them: “Great, thanks” * See the difference? 
  • Along the lines of taking responsibility for those patients, that means that if you couldn’t get the information you needed at signout then you have to go and see those patients and get the information you need yourself.
    • You’ll hear this idea said a bunch of different ways like “trust but verify”, “trust no one” and your comfort level will change over the year as you become more confident and comfortable. But always error on the side of going to see the patient and getting your own information at the start.

3. If you will be miserable without something when you’re in the hospital, bring it with you. You won’t reliably be able to find it at the hospital every time you need it.

  • Need coffee otherwise you turn into a demon? Bring it with you. You never know when you’ll get caught doing something and won’t be able to run to the cafeteria for your fix.
  • On call overnight and know you need food so you don’t go insane? Bring it with you. Here’s a hospital food rule: never rely on the hospital's ability to feed you. The hospital will let you down sooner or later, I guarantee it.
  • Know you always get cold on call? The day you forget your jacket/sweatshirt is the day you won’t be able to find a spare blanket in the hospital to save your life. Put a backup in your locker (if your hospital respects you enough to give you one).

Miscellaneous productivity, professionalism and lifestyle tips

1. Aim to “touch” everything only once

  • Example: your physical mail. You know, the stuff made of dead trees that accumulates in that box you check every once in a while. For every piece of mail you get, you should either trash it, file it, or act on it. Don’t touch it until you’re ready to do one of those things.
  • Example: your email. Either delete it, archive it, reply to it or do the thing it’s telling you to do right away. Don’t fall into the trap of using your inbox as a to-do list -- that’s a recipe to get burned. Use a task manager for your to-do list and aim to keep your inbox at zero. Realize that email’s true power is communication and use it as a communication tool and nothing else.
  • I’ll use the example of going to a wedding again as something to “touch once”. Aim to accomplish all the tasks at once or at least create tasks and reminders to complete those tasks all in one go. Respond to the RSVP, create the calendar invite with all the information from the invitation, share the calendar event with your date, book your travel, book your hotel, book your rental car, buy your gift from the registry and set a reminder to get your suit/dress cleaned a few weeks ahead, etc.

2. Lean to use your calendar as a tool

Professionals in the “real world” tend to live and die by their calendars. Some people, especially many senior people in medicine, don’t manage their own calendars. But you manage yours. With it you can:
  • Make sure all events—even small ones like dates or errands you want to run—have locations so all you have to do is click the location for directions
  • Send invites to friends / family / coworkers for anything you talk about doing that has the relevant info
  • Make reminders for yourself to prepare for upcoming events, i.e.., don’t count on seeing your parents’/spouses’/whomever’s birthday “coming up” to remind you to get a gift or send a card. Create an event two weeks before their birthday that says “Buy Mom a birthday card”, set it to repeat yearly and buy a card when it comes up, send it a few days later and don’t worry that it won’t get there in time.

3. Learn to use email well

Ever get an email from someone and feel their tone was terse, condescending or rude? Don’t be that person. Error on the side being polite and professional and writing in complete sentences without textspeak. It’s not hard — you type fast, even with your thumbs, I’m sure of it.
  • Learn to communicate effectively. Keep it short but not terse. State why you’re writing to someone, be clear if you’re asking a question, and think about it this way: “How am I making it as easy as possible for this person to understand why I’m emailing them and do what I’m asking them to do?
  • Don’t use a canned salutation like “Best, NAME” or even worse: “Best, INITIALS”. Use your salutation to continue to communicate your message and remember that politeness and professionalism extend through your signature.
    • I don’t know why “Best,” is so common in medicine but it’s meaningless, unthoughtful, inherently passive aggressive and I seriously read it as if the person writing it were signing off by saying “Go f*ck yourself,”. Same thing for “Regards,” and its ilk, any abbreviation like “vr,” or any form of cutesy quote.
    • Write your salutation fresh each time. Did you ask someone for something? Say “Thank you for your help”. Are you writing someone senior to you and want to sound somewhat formal? “Sincerely,” never goes out of style. Are you sharing information and essentially writing a memo? Use “Please let me know if you have any questions”. Your salutation is communication, treat it that way.
    • Sign with your name, not your initials. Signing with initials is a common way senior people will try to remind you they’re senior to you. If you do it, it’s like you’re trying to prove you’re a Cool Guy Big Shot too. It never comes across well -- even for those senior people. Initials are terse. Lowercase initials are even terser. Although they may look different at first glance, all initial signatures functionally come across as ‘FU’. Write your name.
      • If it’s a few rounds back and forth of email, it’s normal drop salutations and signatures and treat email more like texting. Keep using complete sentences without textspeak, though. I promise you’ll come across better that way.
    • Use the ‘signature’ feature of your email client to share your professional details and contact information
      • Your institution (not department) will hopefully have a format for this that’s standardized and includes minimal or no graphics. If it doesn't, then I feel sorry for all the inevitable IT headaches you will eventually endure at your institution since they clearly underfund and undervalue contemporary IT and professional services. It’s the wild west out there so find some good examples of clean, professional signature formats and make one for yourself.
      • Note: this signature lives below your salutation and sign off. It’s essentially the letterhead for your email that lets your recipient fill in the details you may not otherwise provide like your department, mailing address or fax number. It’s not a replacement for signing off of your communication professionally.
    • Never use bold, italics, underlines or different font sizes in your emails. They only make emails harder to read and jumble your message.
  • If you want to highlight something, put it in a numbered or bulleted list.
    • If you can’t communicate what you want with 2-3 bulleted points, then email is not the right medium to use. Do you like reading long emails? Of course you don’t. Write a memo, attach it as a PDF or shared doc and use the email to tell your recipients to review the attachment.
  • You will eventually, in some way or another, ask someone to introduce you to one of their contacts and or refer you for something. Learn how to write a good forwardable email that utilizes the double opt-in concept and how to make it easy on the person doing you the favor. Read more here, here and here.
    • While you’re at it, understand the power of using CC and BCC to communicate effectively.
  • Aim to answer all emails written directly to you within 24 hours.
    • If you can’t respond fully right away, respond briefly saying you got the note and that you’ll work on it and get back to them. Set a reminder or create a task to do or review the thing and get back to them once you’ve done it.
    • Do you hate being left on read in text? You do it in email every time you don’t respond to someone in a timely fashion. It’s better to share a quick, “I got it and I’m working on it message” then not replying until days or weeks later.

4. Don’t let someone else’s negative energy and/or anxiety transfer to you

You will frequently experience things like this in the hospital:
  • A co-resident disagrees with a management decision made at rounds and mentions that so-and-so is an idiot. So-and-so probably isn’t an idiot. Your co-resident probably isn’t an idiot either. Form your own opinions from your own experiences.
  • A nurse pages you with a tone that says “THIS IS REALLY BAD”. It might be, go and see. And on your way, stay calm and go over the steps in your head of what you’d do if it is, in fact, REALLY BAD. But don’t freak yourself out before you even get to the room. You won’t be able to make decisions with a clear head if you’re already worked up.
  • You’re a surgery intern and all your patients are normally on the med-surg floor. Every once in a while, one goes somewhere like heme-onc if the med-surg floor is full. Someone on your team says something like “great, now they’re going to screw up our patient”. Recognize that that floor isn’t full of terrible nurses and may just have less experiences with lines and drains and that the best thing you can do is go down there, talk to the nurse and say “here’s what we want to be called about” and “this thing may look bad but it usually isn’t and we don’t need to be called, here’s why”, and so on. Doing things like this will mean you get fewer calls. Fewer calls are good.
  • Your attending is having a bad day and you’re not enjoying your interactions with them. Don’t let that make you have a bad day too. Medicine is hard enough as it is, stick to your own bad days instead adopting other people’s. Then pull up your friend list, text a buddy and feel better.

5. Don’t neglect your physical health. Trying to eat well and stay active are even more important when you’re insanely busy.

The #1 thing you can do to help your waistline is cook your own food and pack your own meals. It doesn’t matter what you cook or how good of a cook you are, as long as you’re aiming to pack meals that an adult would eat, it will be healthier than takeout and cafeteria food. It’s better for portion control, you control all the ingredients and you get a sense of satisfaction for being on the ball. It’s better in every way.
I know it’s not realistic to always prep and pack your own food on the busiest of services but you should try to hit at least a percentage like 25% or 50% of your meals. There are no lost causes in your own health.
It will be hard to exercise and work out. You should still try to do it anyway. You will go long stretches without exercising at times. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Every day is a chance to do the thing you want to do so get back out there.

6. If your social profiles are private, consider doing some housekeeping and making them public.

Instead of thinking about them as a liability to be that needs to be hidden, think about them as a narrative you can control.
Nothing is private on the internet. Even your private profile. You never know who knows someone you know or what may get screenshotted and shared down the line.
It’s natural to run a web search on anyone you’re meeting for a date, interviewing with for a job, or researching in general. When you search your own name, what comes up? What do you think when you’re searching for someone and they have a private page? Do you ever click on a few links to see professional stuff from LinkedIn, and then some social pages to see what else you learn? So does everyone else.
Use your social pages to put forward a version of you that shows who you are, shows some interests true to yourself, makes you seem like a totally normal and reliable person (which is exactly what any potential date, partner, fellowship director or hiring manager is asking themselves about you) and doesn’t share enough information to let a patient show up at your door.
Medicine lags behind other industries with people still commonly hiding behind private pages. In the tech world, it’s more strange to not have a public page. A private page says more about you that you might want to hide red flags whereas a public page says “go ahead and look, you won’t find any red flags”. One is much more powerful than the other.

Closing and something to read

When you view your professional life, it’s natural to view your professional relationships as being a binary one between patient and physician. That’s certainly essential and certainly important, but as a professional you now have relationships to consider with so many more types of people: co-residents, faculty in your department, faculty in other departments, administrators, support staff, medical students, and so on.
Just as you had to learn how to work with patients, you will have to learn to work with all of the other people in your professional life. Truly effective professionals will treat all interactions importantly and give thought and consideration to each one. All these interactions and relationships will all affect your day-to-day experience, your well-being and, ultimately, your professional experience.
You will find yourself being not just responsible for your patients, but also for yourself, your career and your relationships. It takes effort to succeed in all of those areas. And even with effort, sometimes you’ll be winning in an area and losing in others. And in a few months it will be different -- that’s just life.
I want you to consider looking outside of books and resources written specifically for physicians when you’re trying to tackle these issues inside the hospital and out.
Medicine is a much-smaller-than-you-realize bubble with a long history of personality-driven examples of “that’s just the way we do it” or “that’s how we’ve always done it”. There are good books about medicine out there, to be sure, but you’ll benefit more professionally by learning from the wide world outside of hospitals since there are quite simply many more successful and accomplished people who’ve written great resources for all aspects of professional life that medicine tends to ignore.
I’d recommend you start with this book: Andy Grove’s High Output Management (a review by another Valley titan here). Andy escaped communist Hungary, taught himself English and rose to be CEO of Intel and went on to be a sage of Silicon Valley before he passed. This book is a how-to guide for how to be an effective professional in an organization (hint: you're now a professional in an organization) and if you’ve enjoyed this post at all, you’ll love this book. You may think that this book applies to ‘managers’ and ‘business’ and not medicine but you couldn’t be more wrong. Although it was probably written around the time you were born, nearly everything in this book is a lesson that directly applies to your professional life in medicine and when you start seeing it, you’ll feel like you’re in The Matrix.
Congratulations! You've worked hard to get here. Be proud of yourself, your degree, your long white coat and be the best doctor you can be.
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If you've got at least one customer, I'm interested to review and promote your Bitcoin related business. /r/Bitcoin

If you've got at least one customer, I'm interested to review and promote your Bitcoin related business. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Proof im a fellow hodler. Hear me out.

I'll be quick. A idea. Pewdiepie reviews memes. What if we just head to his subreddit PewdiepieSubmissions and upvote a dogecoin meme of ours he would review it on LWIAY guranteed to hit millions of screens. The media also watches him like a hawk so they would catch wind aswell... then you got the pewdiepie clones on youtube that would just copy him.. we know mr beast watches him he would probably do something idk.. and yeah closer to moon.. if you guys think its worth a shot just comment some memes and we post the one with most upvotes... yea? We could even take one of his templates from the Tseries days and put dogecoin over his face and bitcoin over Tseries'... yeah im rambling srry. Ohhh snap we about to hit .0050 again!!!
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Help me move from $3/1000 words, it hurts me!

It's been a year since I started freelance writing. All of my clients wanted this:
Doing all this took a lot of my time, but I got nothing in return. 3 days ago, a client approached me with the same payment and time-frame constraints and wanted me to write about "7 tips about bitcoin" type blogs.
I really don't know what to do and how to increase my rates. Most jobs on UpWork are of the same pattern and low paying as well. I tried going into copywriting but no success till this day.
Help needed to increase my rates. I want to write 2000 words a day at max and make atleast $2,000 a month. How do I achieve this?
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Urgent Advice Needed - Issues Refunding Money to a Client, Possible Money Laundering?

Hey everyone, so buckle up, this is a story.
I'm a freelance translator with my name and contact info out on several sites to connect translators to clients. So, when I got an email from my customer, L, I didn't think anything of it when she asked me to translate a research paper from German to English. Prior to even opening the document she sent me, I told her I wanted a contract signed - nothing major, just run of the mill stuff. You know, to make sure both of us were protected.
It entailed a 50% deposit for me (this paper was 46 pages and I have a policy that past X amount of words, I need a deposit for any time spent on a project. It's non-refundable, so I get paid even if the project gets canceled). She refused both of those things.
Like most people, I'm in a pretty tough spot right now. I knew I shouldn't have even continued speaking with her, but with my fee agreed upon, I was looking at almost $10,000 for the entire projected when all three phases were complete.
After refusing to sign a contract and agree to a deposit, she told me, and this is a direct quote "the money will be our contract". I was willing to operate on good faith, so I told her I'd get to work when the payment processed.
The amount we agreed on for Phase One was 1150.00, but she sent me - via her "sponsor", some random account in Arizona, even though she claims to be overseas - 7,176.00.
There was no warning, no notice telling me that they were sending me more than we agreed, or that the payment would be coming from Arizona. I contacted L and asked for clarification. She told me it was for payment for the next 2 phases due to start in the fall. I accepted that and kept working.
I finished the project 2 weeks before it was due and sent her the final document. Two days later, she sends at email telling me that the final 2 phases have been postponed and she needs the extra 6 grand or so back, asap.
Well, things happen, whatever. So I asked her how she wanted it returned to her.
This is where shit gets weird.
First, she tells me she wants it done via Zelle, which is connected directly to my bank. She sends me a contact and asks for all of the money to be sent at once. I tell her that since it's a new recipient, I can only send $500 and there's monthly limits on my account as to how much I can send in a 30 day period.
Now, her name is Lara, that's the only person I've been talking to directly. But the name on the Zelle account was Caldon H. I thought that was the name of her sponsor.
She proceeds to ignore my telling her about sending limits and demands a refund. I explain to her again, with screenshots from my banking app backing me up, that I'm limited by sending limits. I tell her that I'll repay her in $500 installments until all the surplus funds are returned.
Not fast enough. She then demands I use Cashapp. Oiy. This was a mess. I did reading and research on the app, since I'd never heard of it before and was alarmed to say the least. But she was sending text after text, email after email demanding a status update. She sends me another account to transfer the money to:
Linda. So, so far we have Lara, Caldon, Linda. Keep count of those names.
I ask who Linda is, no answer, just more demands. Cashapp, true to fashion, fails. I'm unable to add so much as a dollar to my account to send "Linda" and while I wrestle with this and try and find support to contact - HAH - I get payment requests via Cashapp and yet more emails and texts from Lara.
I explain to Lara, once again with screenshots showing that the app isn't working despite my linking both my debit card and checking account to it. She ignores that. Linda sends more payment requests.
I tell her, hey this isn't working. What about Venmo? Paypal? She ignores that and demands wire transfer. She sends account info for someone named Mark. I ask who Mark is, no response. I attempt to send the wire transfer via my banking website and the bank legit tells me that that account does not accept wire transfers. What...
So, more screenshots and then I ask her to double check account and routing numbers. She gets back to me with "the information is correct. Be patient when entering numbers." As if it's my fault.
So I try it again and it fails, again. After that I contact my bank directly and speak with their support line. We do the whole song and dance and they tell me that everything is kosher on my end, but the issue lies with the information I was given, confirming my suspicions.
I send her another email explaining everything, that I'd spoken directly with bank support. She tells me, once again, that the fault is mine and to just go to the post office and get money orders in $1000.00 amounts, leaving the recipient blank...
Yeah you read that right. Leave it blank. Overnight it via Fedex to some guy named James, in Georgia.
Arizona, Georgia, Germany. James, Caldon, Linda, Matthew, Lara.
I tell her point blank, I can't go to the post office. I'm in Idaho and COVID cases are skyrocketing. I'm high risk, so is my partner and one of my two roommates. Like, die for sure, high risk.
I try a wire transfer via Western Union instead. At this point, this has been going on for a week. I've been getting 4am texts and 6am phone calls for a week. She's on me for about 10-12 hours a day.
I'm a full-time student on top of this, with one more semester of undergrad. But classes have taken a back seat so I can deal with this.
Western Union holds the transfer under review and tells me that it will take 6 business days to show up in James' account. I tell Lara and assume that we're on the final leg of this mess.
Surprise, WU cancels the wire transfer. I call support and they tell me it's issues with the account I'm sending money to. I tell Lara and she starts getting snappy.
We try wire transfers for the last time, this time to someone named Matthew Green, different Matthew than the first, in Dallas. It fails. I spend $60 trying to send them. My bank calls ME and says they're concerned about fraud. I tell them I'm trying to send money and confirm info I was given. Once again, everything is fine with me, but it's issues with the account Lara wants me to send money to. I tell her and once again she changes her track.
She demands, again, money orders, same rules as last time and I tell her no, again and explain why. She ignores that and tells me to do Cashapp, again. We spend an entire day with me telling that I'm not comfortable with Cashapp. It's not dependabe, it doesn't work. There's no support for me to contact if things go wrong - which of course it will - and she insists. She ignores my concerns and insists. I tell her, fine, but I want a written and signed statement from you that you are demanding this and that I'm not responsible if things get messed up and you never get the money.
She signs a statement and the I try again. Same issues. I tell that, in another long email.
By this point, it's been 2 weeks. I'm stressed, drained and tired of her weird behavior. I tell her that I've been understanding and patient with her. I've tried to help her fix her mistake of sending too much money too soon. That we never agreed on that much money and reminding her that SHE refused to sign a contact that would have protected us both.
I tell her, Paypal or Venmo. No cashapp, no wire transfers (which I'm out $60 trying to send fyi). Paypal or venmo. If she doesn't have an account, find someone that does.
She sends me a Paypal account url for someone named Micheal. A new name. I ask who Micheal is, who are these people? Why are they all over the US? She ignores that, demands the money. I try to send payments, but I can't send more than $5 to MIcheal at a time.
I tell Lara and she blames me. Says I'm not doing it right. I'm supposed to send payments in multiple transactions of varying amounts, small to large. "No Tracking info", whatever that means.
I tell her, look, I can't send you anything. Check your account info, I'm tired of this BS. She sends the same info again, nothing about her contacting support for once. I try again. It fails, same issues. I contact support myself and they tell me - - you guessed it, my account is solid. Hers is not. She is why the money isn't going through.
I tell her that and suggest Venmo. At this point, I can't think of anything else and I'm planning on contacting my bank to ask advice, but my last request for Venmo was made at 11:30pm MST. I'd been dealing with this since 8am MST. I was tired, done. I sent that email and screencaps and turned my phone off for the night.
I get up this morning, make my coffee and check my work email. I get an email form Lara saying that I'm the reason the payments are failing "once again" and "following my instructions, now. Send it via Venmo, no tracking info. Do it now."
I decide to be a sport one last time. I try Venmo. It fails.
I'm writing this post to ask for what other steps, legally, I need to take to protect myself. Once again, she didn't sign a contract. I've saved all emails and texts, and all of them show they we agreed on 1150.00 as payment for this job.
They show that I've tried to return the money to her over the course of 2 weeks. She refuses to let me speak to Coldon, Linda, Matthew Green, Matthew M, James (who she claims died yesterday), or Micheal Brown. She answers none of my questions. She sends aggressive emails and so many texts that I had to block her number on my phone.
I'm completely at a loss. The longer this goes on, the less legit it seems and I need some advice. I plan to speak to my bank today and ask if they can refund the money to the account that paid me. I can't get info on that account from Lara, no routing or account numbers. So my hopes are slim.
I have no idea if Lara has any legal recourse or ground to stand on, since she refused to sign a contract and all attempts to return the money to her have failed. As I said, I've saved all emails and texts showing that I tried to work with her.

Any ideas? Anything would help. I want this to be over and done with.

UPDATE: I contacted the fraud department at my bank, explained everything and they said that we see that you've attempted to return the money multiple times and none of it has worked. They said I have 2 more options:
"If they really want that money, offer to send a personal check. We'll start a research claim in the meantime and that will take up to 10 business days to either be resolved, or you will be contacted by a member of the Research Claims department."
I asked what my options are if they refuse a personal check and the banker said "Then you've done everything you can. Wait for the research claim to be resolved or to be contacted. You've done everything you can up to this point and we can see that clearly."
Lara has refused a personal check, demanding a cashier's check instead. I told her "My bank advised me to only send personal checks, not cashier's check. There must be a name and a legit address. I will not leave it blank."
She asked me to send it via bitcoin.
My reply: No. I have filed a research claim with the fraud department of my bank to get to the bottom of this. They will resolve it as they see fit.
That will be my last communication with her.
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Thank you all. I upgraded.

So I had another post asking about exchanging BTC for MCO to reach the higher tier card. I have the royal indigo card, decided to take advantage of the icy white card right now since CDC seems to be doing well, has progressive plans, and the potential for MCO to rise again is likely in my opinion (almost $20 in 2017-2018!). Anyway, I am in the USA and don’t have access to syndicate.
At first I had the cringe of selling my bitcoin for something else. But thought, hey if I plan this right, I’ll come out better in the long term since I’m planning to stay in crypto for the long term, possibly forever if BTC does well. I spent days and hours on end thinking if I should really convert my 2.5 BTC to get the 4500 MCO goal to get the icy white card. I spend about $1-2K a month on the royal indigo card. I also continuously buy bitcoin weekly since I reached my personal comfortable bitcoin position. I’m not a trader, just a hodler.
I’m looking forward to MCO increasing in price value and also CDC possibly changing up the benefits to make it more attractive. That extra 2% will probably make a noticeable difference with my holdings. I’ll probably have to report this action in USA taxes, but should help with that. :)
At first, I was thinking, WTF am I doing buy getting an icy white card and giving up 2.5 BTC? Then I thought, long term wise, I believe in the company, and I plan on using ALL the MCO interest I gain from my holdings and from the 5K MCO stake into BTC while dollar cost averaging weekly. Even after the upgrade last night to the 5K MCO tier, I felt like “did I just do what most people wouldn’t? Did I just sell my bitcoin for MCO (yes of course), am I doing the “right” thing? Anyway, the transaction already happened and already requested for the icy white card. The more I have been analyzing the potential with the icy white card and reading reviews in other subreddit posts from other people, it seems like the most reasonable investment to take advantage of the higher interest rates and 4% cash back for someone who can afford to get the 5K MCO tier NOW as an early adopter and investor of’s space. Soon, when more of these cards get distributed throughout the world, MCO’s supply may decrease further and the price of them could possibly increase a bit I think.
After making this transaction, I felt buyers remorse. Then when thinking of the long term, I felt better about it knowing if at any time I don’t feel the icy white is worth my time, I can always downgrade back to 500MCO tier. But with the added benefits of private to include priority customer service and the inheritance service. I’m not sure how good the research product will be and the crypto invest thing, not sure if I’ll be using that since all I want is more BTC. I got a good/comfortable ETH position for profits in the long term future, but ultimately I think I’m a semi-bitcoin maximalist in a small way.
I want to thank ALL of you for responding to my posts in great, professional ways. You guys are the reason why I keep coming back to this subreddit. I took that risk of risking my 2.5 BTC for 5K MCO to get this card to reap the benefits and the better EARN rates. Although the private benefits appear cool (gonna wait for their swag too), the better interest rates of 4% cash back and 2% extra in EARN, is the main things that attracted me because of my crypto position as a HODLER and long term investor. If this company keeps going, I believe long term, MCO will do me well to allow me to accumulate more bitcoin for the long term and also take advantage of higher tier EARN rates.
I’m hoping the benefits for 5K MCO icy white card tier holders will improve over time. What do you think? Anyway, thank you all again and keep accumulating that BTC!
Not financial advice!
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SPACs...the 2020 version of crypto?

Newcomer to this subreddit, tons of great information and helpful people on here. Feels like a community of people who want to find and also help others find some obscure companies to get rich together.
As a fresh set of eyes, I can’t help but feel like this is the exact same thing I felt in the winter of 2017 when bitcoin & crypto hit peak. Everyone was finding random coins/companies and trying to justify the reasoning for them to be useful and profitable.
The post that really got me there was the OPES/BugerFi post today where the guy had his friend go and review the burger. Feels like we’re grasping for straws a bit. In comparing to the crypto craze, people would find random websites or mom and pop stores accepting crypto and call it “mass adoption”. No one could lose! Every company/coin has a reason for existing if you convince yourself of it.
I already forgot the ticker but this NFL hall of fame thing, I mean cmon guys lets be honest with ourselves. Today’s fans are all about fantasy and betting. Barely anyone under the age of 30 is watching football for specific players and dreaming to go see memorabilia of hall of famers. I’ve been watching football since I was 10 and I never miss a Sunday, I would NEVER go to some hall of fame thing.
I hope I’m wrong about all this, I think SPACs have plenty of room to run in the current environment and I myself will be investing in some of the promising ones. My note is only a caution for people saying they want their portfolio to be 80%+ of SPACs, just be careful and understand when this craze is over, you’ll may be stuck with warrants that are worth nothing.
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The events of a SIM swap attack (and defense tips)

Posted this on Coinbase and someone recommend it also be posted here. The information below on an attempted SIM swap attack was pieced together through a combination of login and security logs, recovering emails initiated by the attacker that were deleted and then deleted again from the trash folder, and learning from AT&T’s fraud representatives. The majority if this is factual, and we do our best to note where we are speculating or providing a circumstantial suspicion. TLDRs at the bottom.
The full story:
We were going about our business and received a text from AT&T that says “…Calls & texts will go to your new phone/SIM card. Call 866-563-4705 if you did not request.” We did not request this, and were suspicious that the text itself could be a phishing scam since we searched the phone number and it wasn’t overtly associated with AT&T. Thus, we tried calling AT&T’s main line at 611 but all we hear is beep beep beep. The phone number is already gone. We use another phone to call AT&T and at the same time start working on our already compromised email.
While we didn’t see everything real time, this is what the recovered emails show. In less than 2 minutes after receiving the text from AT&T, there is already an email indicating that the stolen phone number was used to sign into our email account associated with Coinbase. 2 minutes after that, there is an email from Coinbase saying:
"We have received your request for password reset from an unverified device. As a security precaution, an e-mail with a reset link will be sent to you in 24 hours. Alternatively, if you would like your password reset to be processed immediately, please submit a request using a verified device.
This 24 hour review period is designed to protect your Coinbase account."
This is where Coinbase got it right to have a 24 hour review period (actually a recovery period) before allowing the password to be reset. However, the attackers knew this and planned to steal the second email from Coinbase by setting email rules to forward all emails to a burner address and also have any emails containing “coinbase” re-routed so they don’t appear in the Inbox. 5 minutes later, they request a password reset from Gemini and the password was reset to the attacker’s password within a minute after that. The next minute they target and reset DropBox’s password followed immediately with Binance. Less than 2 minutes later, an email from Binance indicates that the password has been reset and another email arrives a minute later indicating a new device has been authorized.
It’s at this point that we begin locking the attacker out by (1) removing the phone number as 2FA (2) changing the email password, (3) and three forcing a logout of all sessions from the email. There was a bit of back and forth where they still had an active login and re-added the stolen phone number as 2FA.
They added only one more password reset to a gaming account that was not deleted. I can only suspect that was a decoy to make it look like the attack was directed at gaming rather than finances.
The Gemini and Binance accounts were empty and effectively abandoned, with no balances and inactive bank accounts (if any), and no transactions in 1-3 years. DropBox had no meaningful files (they probably look for private keys and authenticator backups) and the phone number they stole from us was suspended, so as far as the attacker is concerned, there is no meat on this bone to attack again… unless they had inside information.
This is where I suspect someone internal at Coinbase receiving wire deposits has been compromised in tipping off ripe accounts – accounts with new and somewhat large balances. We had completed a full withdrawal of funds from Coinbase earlier in the year, and had a balance of less than $20 heading into May. Deposits to Coinbase staggered in to get above six figures through mid-May then stopped. The attack occurred 7 days after the last large wire deposit was made to Coinbase.
From the perspective of an attacker that had no inside information, we were a dead end with abandoned Gemini and Binance accounts with zero balances and stale transactions, no DropBox information, and the suspended phone number access. Our Coinbase deposits were known to no one except us, Coinbase, and our bank. We were also able to stop the hacker’s email forwarding before Coinbase’s 24 hour period to send the password reset, so this one didn’t work out for the attackers and it would make sense for them to move on to the next rather than put efforts into a second attack only for Coinbase - for what would appear to be a zero-balance Coinbase account based on the other stale accounts.
Then…23 hours and 42 minutes after the first attack, another message from AT&T “…Calls & texts will go to your new phone/SIM card. Call 866-563-4705 if you did not request.” Here we go again. We had been confident in AT&T’s assurances that our account had been locked and would not be SIM swapped again, so we unwisely added the phone number back to our email account as a backup (it’s now removed permanently and we use burner emails for account recovery like we should have all along).
Upon seeing that our phone number had been stolen again I knew they were after the Coinbase reset email that was delayed by 24 hours from Coinbase as part of their security. We did 4 things within 2 minutes of that text: (1) removed the phone number again from the email account – this time for good, (2) market sell all Bitcoin on Coinbase, (3) withdraw from Coinbase, (4) have AT&T suspend service on the phone line.
In speaking with AT&T, they were floored that our SIM would be transferred again in light of all the notes about fraud on the account and the PIN being changed to random digits that had never been used by us before. Based on the response of disbelief from AT&T on the second port, I suspect that this attack also involved a compromised AT&T employee that worked with the attacker to provide timely access to the Coinbase password reset email. Apparently, this has been going on for years:
with phone carrier employees swapping SIMs for $80s a swap.
Remember that most of this was hidden in real time, and was only known because we were able to recover emails deleted from Trash by the attacker.
Since we require any withdrawals to use Google Authenticator on Coinbase, our funds may have been secure nonetheless. However, under the circumstances with attackers that were apparently working with insiders to take our phone number twice in attempts to steal Bitcoin, and it being unknown if they had additional tools related to our Google Authenticator, we decided it was safer on the sidelines. The coins were held on the exchange for a quick exit depending on whether Bitcoin was going to break up or down from $10,000. A hardware wallet is always safest, but we were looking to time the market and not have transaction delays.
For some some security recommendations:
AT&T: If you are going to send a text saying that calls and texts are moving to a new number, provide a 10 minute window for the phone number to reply with a “NO” or “STOP” to prevent the move. This can escalate the SIM dispute to more trusted employees to determine who actually owns the line. Don’t let entry level employees swap SIMs.
Coinbase: Do not default to phone numbers as 2FA. Also, if someone logs in successfully with the password before the 24 hours are up, the password is known and there is no need to send the password reset email again for attacker to have forwarded to them. At least have an option to stop the password reset email from being sent. We did not tag our account at Coinbase with fraud because of the stories of frozen funds once an account is tagged. I’m not sure what the solution is there, but that is another problem.
Being a trader, it would be nice to think of Coinbase as any other type of security brokerage where your assets are yours (someone can’t steal your phone number and transfer your stocks to their account). We fell into that mindset of security, yet this experience has reminded us of the uniqueness of cryptocurrency and the lack of custodial assurance and insurance from exchanges because of the possession-is-everything properties of cryptocurrency.
As many have said before, 2FA with a phone number quickly becomes 1-factor authentication as soon as that phone number is associated with password recovery on your email or other accounts. Our overall recommendation is to avoid having a phone number associated with any recovery options across all your accounts.
TLDR on the process:
Scammers will steal your phone number (in our case twice in 24 hours) and use your phone number to access your email and accounts. They will use your email to reset passwords at financial accounts and file hosting such as DropBox. They will then use that combination to transfer any assets they can access from your accounts to theirs. They will do their best to hide this from you by
(1) not resetting your email password so as to raise suspicion,
(2) immediately delete any password reset emails you may receive from financial accounts to hide them from you,
(3) attempt to forward all emails sent to your address to a burner email, and
(4) set email rules to forward emails containing “coinbase” to an email folder other than your Inbox so that you don’t see the transactions and password reset emails that arrive to your inbox.
TLDR on defense tips: If your phone stops working or you receive a text of your number being ported do the following as soon as possible:
(1) log into your email account(s) associated with your financial accounts and remove your phone number as 2FA immediately
(2) change your email password,
(3) force a logout of all sessions from your email (at this point you have locked them out), then
(4) check your mail forwarding settings for forwards to burner addresses,
(5) check your mail rules for rerouting of emails from accounts such as Coinbase, and
(6) call your carrier to have them suspend service on your lost phone number and ask them to reinstate your SIM or get a new SIM. This will require a second phone because your personal phone number has been stolen.
We hope this helps some others be safe out there in protecting their coins. The more we know, the more we can protect ourselves. Wishing you all the best!
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Let's keep it east to read.
SHORT ADVICE: [insert short discussion here]
LONG ADVICE: [insert long discussion here]
SHORT: Spread out your portfolio [stocks, PMs, land, bonds, assets, toilet paper, other currencies/Bitcoin]
LONG: Common sense tells me that we're in for a SHIT-STORM, but it's weird... it's almost like nobody wants to think or talk about it. Then it hit me.... the people who think we're out of it ARE THE SAME PEOPLE who thought IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ding, ding, ding. So... I think everybody here should be wise to review the market EVERYDAY because one the crash happens I anticipate it'll happen FAST. Like a bullet. So read the news. Stay as current as you can. Once you hear any major hint of SOMETHING (good or bad) that's when you'll know. Key dates: Going back to school, the first "TOO BIG TO FAIL" bankruptcy, etc. Because once the first domino falls, the rest fall immediately. Good luck! Stay safe! Stay smart! Don't panic! You got this.
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My Experiences With ModafinilXL

I was a pretty big fan of Duck Dose, but when they went away- then, AfinilExpress was awesome. But, well, everyone knows: vendors kinda come and go. So, after much deliberation, I went with ModafinilXL. I was actually pretty happy with them for quite some time- my average was about 16 days from order confirmation to delivery: which was great. Until, of course, the Covid Shit Show. I thought I would post something of a timeline so that others who may be in the same boat would see. I'm in the US, St. Louis.
On May 14th I placed an order and paid same day, bitcoin.
May 18th I got the notification that it had shipped with tracking: but I never check the tracking right away, because most of these things it takes a couple days- that's fairly normal.
The tracking number was still not showing up by May 26th, so I reached out and got to experience the delight that is, Mr. Canned Daniel Santos via Zendesk. I had also gotten this weird "order cancelled" thing for an order I had placed and canceled ages ago but also, I wanted to find out what was going on with my recent order. Here's what I got:
Dear Holly,
It was an automated message sent by mistake. Please dismiss the email with the following subject: 📷 Unfortunately, Your Order Was Canceled.
I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
I remain at your disposal for any questions you might have.
Kind Regards,
P.S. 📷\*Coronavirus Impacts Summary*
Deliveries finally resumed after weeks of coronavirus lockdown. Expect delivery of shipped orders in around 25-27 days. Your package should arrive sooner, but it can take this long because all departing parcels will have to remain in Singapore waiting for the next cargo flight for about 10 days. Then the packages will be departed overseas, and only after 2 weeks will be scanned at the first US, UK, or Australian port. You should expect your shipment to arrive at the end of June.
I did get free shipping- but "express shipping" should probably be dropped from their site given they cannot promise Express Shipping.
Small problem here, though is "in around 25-27 days" is a bit contradictory to "expect it to arrive at the end of June", too- because, it actually took until the 28th for me to finally see any changes past:
June 9, 2020, 3:57 pmProcessed Through FacilitySINGAPORE S?5, SINGAPORE
Like most people waiting- it just sat on that shit for pretty much ever: which isn't really the fault of ModafinilXL in fairness- but, the lack of communication and transparency here is kinda horse shit.
I wound up ordering from High Street Pharma, because frankly, their honest assessment of it taking around 45 days impressed me: I'll probably review my experience with them later on. Plus I figured if we really were looking at a "take the money and run" situation on the part of XL, well, hell, may as well get the ball rolling. Thing is, XL is the only place I could find with the sublingual, which I actually prefer.I've only ever had one oddball quality concern: it does seem that at times, the sublinguals are a mixed bag, with roughly half of them being different and less effective. (The more effective ones have this sharp mint flavor, the less do not.) The regular Modvigil is what I typically get and it is usually just fine.
I also edited my review on Trust Pilot to reflect my dissatisfaction but, I've never received any kind of response to it.
Then...finally, grand total of 45 days from the time I placed and paid for my order with ModafinilXL I get:
June 28, 2020, 4:01 pmProcessed Through FacilityISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 4:01 pm on June 28, 2020.

What it appears is that due to issues with shipping worldwide, most parcels are delayed and there does appear to be something screwed up with tracking stateside. That being said, I don't much care for being bullshitted with some canned responses to nowheresville: I still would have purchased had they been honest, and I would have known what to expect.

I'm not really sure if there's a quarantine hold here, too, but that's where I am at, at this point. I will update later on if any movement happens.
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Privacy Coin or Oracle or Stable coin? Lets choose a purpose!

While mostly are talking about current / new snapshot, I’m really not feeling worry about that, I’m sure that we will find a fair / mostly fair solution for the ITN participants and for the current ADA holders!
I think it is important as well to discuss the alternative purposes for the Rust ITN ( Privacy, Stable coin, Oracle or other )
And do we really need to test things on a Rust ITN first ( not even Haskell ), while we do a peer review and formal verification? Sounds so bureaucratic to me!! Even Litecoin whom started to be a test environment for Bitcoin will go private through MimbleWimble upgrade, cause they felt bored of being very similar to bitcoin! ( check last interview for Charlie Lee on Coin Telegraph )
So if I had to choose, I’ll go for Private Blockchain for the following reasons:
1 – It will never dilute our main investment since it is not competing with it!
2 – There is no big Proof Of Stake Private coin yet and there is a big demand on that.
3 – IOHK got a paper 15th May 2020 talking about (Ouroboros Crypsinous: Privacy-Preserving Proof-of-Stake), so they maybe kinda ready or prepared for that, in addition to the previous co-operation with Zen Cash ( Horizon ), We got an edge here!
It is challenging to find a Purpose that adds a value to Cardano and not to dilute value or dividing it between two coins.
So, I think it is better to keep our main Haskell for ( the smart contracts, DEFI , stable coins, oracles, gaming, DEX’s, supply chain, medical records, identity solutions, voting solutions ) and let’s get the Rust ITN into a different niche ( privacy, secret nodes, etc… )
What do you think guys ?
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Beermoney for Busy People 2020 (No DQ's!)

Beermoney for Busy People! (2020)

Hi! Last year I made a couple posts about sites that don't have DQs and are worth your time to use even if you have a busy life! I am a full-time student and work while in school so I don't always have time to grind out surveys for hours at a time. To qualify for this list, the sites can't DQ and have to be worth your time to use! Hope these help! Let's get into it.

Zogo iOS | Android | Invite Code: 88W6A

Zogo is an iOS and Android app that pays you to learn about personal finance. It is backed by a variety of established banks and is actually quite interesting to learn through. The app is designed to take you in a linear path through a variety of different financial topics. These topics range from budgeting and credit, to investing and insurance. The topics start off relatively simple, and get more complex as you move through the modules. Each topic has a set of flashcards for you to read and study. After reading these flashcards, you take a short quiz with about 5 multiple choice questions about the topic. Most of these questions seemed fairly easy to me and I didn't really need to spend time reading the flash cards to get the questions correct. You have a set of 5 hearts, and for every question you get wrong you lose one. Once you lose all 5 hearts you have to wait until they regenerate to continue answering questions. You can cash out for a wide variety of gift cards such as Amazon and Target at $5. I believe you need an invite code to register so I have provided mine above.


CrowdTap is a great site for short polls and surveys that is available online and in a new mobile app on iOS and Android! The questions are about things such as consumer goods, food products, and services. The polls pay 1.5 cents each and the short answer questions pay 10 cents each (converted from their points system). Some of these polls are combined into longer surveys, and some are single one question polls. All of them are well worth it for the time that they take and there are no DQ’s of any sort. Reward options include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Steam, Xbox, and more. You can cash out starting at $5 and I am able to cash out about once a week. Make sure to give quality answers and look out for attention checks because people have been banned for not giving quality answers. Definitely add this one to your routine if you have not yet.

PaidViewpoint (Non-Ref) (Referral)

This is a site with short surveys and no DQ’s. There are short surveys (10ish questions) to collect demographic data that pay $0.10. As you do these, your trait score increases. Having a high trait score makes it more likely to get high paying surveys. You have to be patient, and you might go weeks without a survey, but once you get to max trait score it is definitely worth it. I have a max trait score and I get at least one survey (if not more) per day. The real surveys that aren’t just for demographics can pay upwards of $2. You can cash out at $15 via PayPal, Amazon, or Walmart. Just as some inspiration to stick with it, after hitting max traitscore I am on track to make $150 on here this year!


This site pays you to complete short tasks. These tasks mostly involve searching a certain phrase in Google and copy and pasting the results. These tasks pay $0.25-$0.30 and take about a minute. You can also go into the settings and opt into receiving review tasks. These require you leaving a review on a site that it tells you to. I haven’t gotten one of these yet but they pay much better than the normal tasks. I make about $2 a week here in 1-2 minutes a day. You can turn on text alerts for new tasks in the settings which would help increase your earnings.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a great survey site with surveys about consumer products and food that don’t DQ and pay $3 per 10ish minute survey. I get an average of one a week. They also sometimes send you samples of the products to review and I have gotten several of these this year! The catch is that you have to find an invite to join the panel. These can be found on offers or banner ads on GPT sites so keep an eye out for one! It is well worth your time to sign up. You can cash out for PayPal and many gift cards at a $5 minimum.


PollPass kinda reminds me of CrowdTap. You answer short polls to earn points. They aren’t always available, but seem to pop up almost once a day in batches of 10-20 questions. I seem to get 1 cent per question but that’s not too bad because it’s basically one click per question. They recently reduced the cash out minimum and you can now cash out at $3.00 (3000 points) for Amazon and PayPal!


This one is great. You take academic surveys for universities and researchers and get paid in cash. I have been getting tons of surveys on here right now about Covid-19. As long as you don’t miss attention checks you won’t ever get disqualified. Some people get multiple surveys a day and others get only a few a week based on demographics. Usually it slows down in the summer because school isn’t in session, but they’ve had a lot of surveys available this summer. Many surveys pay at least minimum wage. Pro tip, if you every have a problem with a survey or miss an attention check that you noticed, try contacting the researcher and often they can fix the problem for you. You can cash out with PayPal with no fees (for U.S. users).


YouGov is a survey site/app that pays anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per survey. You never disqualify. I get a couple surveys a week. Most of the surveys are about public policy, politics, or general opinions of companies. You get the best value for your points if you save up for the $100 cash out. They offer the $100 cash out in bank transfer and Amazon. The Amazon gift card option used to be a physical mailed card but now its an e-gift card so that makes it even better! They offer other gift cards but they are for smaller values at worse rates so I would avoid them. Available online, on android, and on iOS.

E-Poll Surveys (Non-Ref) (Referral)

E-poll is a survey site with surveys that don’t DQ. They send you surveys via email when they are available. The surveys are often about pop culture, TV shows, and celebrities. Some of them pay better than others for the time it takes to complete them, but most are well worth your time. Make sure to complete the surveys soon after you get the email, because some fill up within a day or so. You can cash out for several gift card options including Amazon and Starbucks. You get better rates with the higher valued gift cards so I always save up for the highest ones.

Be Forthright

Forthright is a survey site with a nice twist. You sign up and receive invitations to surveys via email. I don’t usually do their “partner surveys” because they often DQ and you can get stuck in an endless loop, which doesn’t really fit with the point of this post.. Their non-partner surveys are awesome. They pay well for the time spent but they also have one of the best disqualification bonuses I have ever seen. Every three surveys you take, regardless of whether you disqualify or not, you get a $2 bonus. That is $0.66 per survey on top of its base pay regardless of whether you qualify or not. The base pay for the surveys ranges from $1-3 depending on length, which varies from 10-30 mins. They usually take much less time than the estimated length. I get a non-partner survey about once every 1-2 weeks and made around $50 here last year with minimum time spent. They pay instantly with PayPal, Amazon, or Bitcoin with no minimum.


Perksy is an app that sends you short surveys that they call “stacks”. These surveys generally pay anywhere from $0.30 to $1.00 and I get about one a week. You can’t DQ from these and they only take a minute or two. The minimum cashout is pretty high at $25 but when you sign up you get a signup bonus that gets you pretty close to your first cashout. I am able to cash out about once a year. They offer a lot of different gift cards but the most notable ones are Amazon and Target.

Google Opinion Rewards (Android) (iOS)

This one is quite popular and most of you have probably heard of it. This app is run by Google that will send you short surveys. If you have the app on iOS you can cash out to PayPal at $2, but on Android you can only cash out to Google Play balance. People who travel a lot or use a lot of Google services may get more surveys than others. I make $10ish dollars a year on here but I’ve seen others make more.

OnePulse (Android) (iOS)

This is one of my favorites. The app will send you “Pulses” that you can answer for cash. The surveys start out paying around $0.25 each but as you level up your account they pay more. Mine currently pay $0.34. They have non-paid pulses that can level up your account but those aren’t really worth doing. The minimum cash out is $5 via PayPal. I have made about $10 here just in the last week due to pulses about Covid-19.

SurveyMonkeyRewards (Android) (iOS)

This is an app that is owned by SurveyMonkey, the popular survey development company. It offers short surveys that pay anywhere from $0.25 to $0.50 depending on length. The surveys take no longer than 3-5 minutes. They technically can DQ, but this happens very rarely and only at the very beginning of a survey. The nice thing about the surveys is that they use SurveyMonkey's survey software so they are consistent and easy to complete. While they do send notifications, earnings on here depend on how often you check the app because they don't always notify you. I try to check the app at least once or twice a day. You can cash out at $5 for Amazon with instant payments.

SurveyMini (Android) (iOS)

SurveyMini is a little different. The app sends you surveys when you visit different stores to review your experience there. They ask you about your satisfaction with the store, what areas you bought from, etc. The surveys usually pay $0.10 and take about a minute, but some can randomly pay up to $0.75. The more you visit stores, the more surveys you will get. You can cash out at $10 but you get slightly better rates the more you save up. They offer e-gift cards such as iTunes, Xbox, and Visa, but sadly no Amazon. I am on pace to cash out for $25 twice this year.


Eureka is an app that is similar to Perksy and OnePulse. The app sends you notifications when a new survey is available. The surveys are short and usually only 2-3 questions, and pay $0.15. The cool thing about Eureka is that they reward thoughtful answers. The person who submits the best answer gets a bonus that varies anywhere from $5-$45! Once you hit $10, you can cash out for Amazon or Paypal. They also have survey router surveys but I don't really do those. Unfortunately it appears to be iOS only at the moment.
Thanks for reading! Hope these beermoney sites/apps help you make better use of your beermoney earning time! Let me know if there are any sites that I didn't include that would fall into those category. Give my profile a follow for more beermoney related posts in the future! If you want to read more of my posts, here's one of my favorites to get you started!
Have a great rest of your week :)
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Rolex Datejust 36mm Bimetal Green

Man did I wait for the wrong time to start buying reps or what? I had just bought my first TS Rep bag but it didn’t scratch my itch for getting things delivered, so I started buying a whole load of other things too. Which is how I ended up on Reptime and ended up buying this beauty.
UHh, those guys are scary over there, I think everyone in this sub would agree that they are highly intimidating 🤣 They really take Horology seriously over there so if you have genuine questions that can’t be easily found by a manual, you could get some great help!
However I couldn’t really wait another month for any watch I wanted to come all the way from China in this shipping disaster, so I headed over to their BST. Found a UK reseller and ordered this beautiful Rolex Datejust 36mm Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold 126233 Olive Green VI IX Roman Jubilee. Oh goodness was that a mouthful
TLDR; too impatient, want watch now.
Seller: BST wrist_reps (I believe he buys them bulk from TD’s and sells them for a slight profit for us lazies who want stock currently in UK)
Price from TD: $298 + $35 shipping (£272)
Price from BST: £270 ( I received discount for purchasing multiple items so I paid £252.5, shipping included.)
Payment Method: MasterCard preferred but they also take VISA, Bitcoin(8% discount), or Transferwise(5% discount). (I paid PayPal FF).
Order Timeline: May 12: Enquired and Payment made
May 13: Items shipped
May 14: Received
(Wouldn’t it be really nice if that is how swiftly EVERY order was)
My Pics
Factory Pictures
Video Comparison
QUALITY 9.5/10
Accuracy 9.25/10
Pros * I have attempted to get as as close a macro shot for the font and numbers and to me, unless you have them side by side with an auth and a macro lens, you can’t see the difference. * As far as the crown goes - the emblem on the dial, the screw down and the clasp - they all appear perfect to me. Even the etched crown which is only visible when I hit it with a light a certain angle is there. * At 11.8mm thick, it’s got the auth measurements down pat. I was initially worried if 36mm diameter would be too ‘big’ for me and I’ve found that I actually quite liked the size on my arm. It’s not broad either (at 43.3mm across the wrist), so could be worn by either ladies or gents. * The interior of the clasp is fully finished to a pretty high standard I would say. I tried to reflect this in the pictures. * The fluted bezel has a beautiful gem like cut on the yellow gold plated steel, and the light REALLY dances across the surface with this one.
Cons * As far as movement goes, it’s a silent glide, however I do think it could be a just a tad smoother (-0.5) * although the jubilee bracelet is beautiful,I haven’t fiddled with it yet, but the easylink adjustment extension seems a little hard to move (-0.25)
It was a super easy transaction to make as this was on BST. Wristreps was kind and understanding. He didn’t need to offer me a discount for multiple purchases but he did. I believe everyone over in the Reptime sub are major fans of the TDs as well, so whoever you get either at Puretime or Trustytime has had great reviews. The ordering process on the site itself is pretty straightforward from what I can tell, and the TDs are easily found on Whatsapp and WeChat as well.
I really am so in love with this watch That the other one I bought already hates me 😂 It’s the most beautiful colour and I think it compliments my skin tone well. I don’t know a whole lot about watches so I’m down to be educated.
I wrote and posted all of this on mobile so I’m going to reward myself with a BST wallet for my efforts
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Hands on with the World's Fastest Bitcoin Wallet - Wallet Review Top 5 Richest Bitcoin Owners WARNING: The Truth About Bitcoin HUGE BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!!  What Is BITCOIN TO $6,450??  HUGE Resistance To Break Through  Grayscale

Anyone that has lost his/her money to irregular scam brokers or binary trade should contact Mrs Tina West. I luckily got introduced to a recovery expert who helped recover all my funds in ten days without much problem. She has helped me in getting back my funds. Click on my profile for her Details. She saved me!.all thanks to her ! Read 1 more review about Bitcoin Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore I wouldn’t even dream of taking this on I would never deal with people who have not got the brains to understand what no means what leave me the hell alone just go away these people don’t know what that means , so I would not recommend this to had done a post about UPT… had done a post about UPT airdrop. some users got the airdrop and some didn't. as of 19/2/2020. the terms and conditions were very simple to abide by. They didn't send me the airdrop. **i cant attach proof image** Unlike other currencies, Bitcoin is underwritten not by a government, but by a clever cryptographic scheme. For now, little can be bought with bitcoins, and the new currency is still a long way This is why you should not even register for Bitcoin Bank, let alone deposit any money with it. The Bitcoin Bank scam. Bitcoin Bank is a scam, that is fact that we are going to prove in this review. In reality, it is a scam that has been around for a long time, it just got a new name. Here are the proofs. 1. A cloned scam

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Hands on with the World's Fastest Bitcoin Wallet - Wallet Review

Coinmarcetcap removes exchanges with fake volume? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more! 0:43 Bitcoin Analysis 10:09 Tx ... This video is about Bitcoin - I got SCAMMED For $10,000 For the most part if you getting started with investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrency most people will not know where to start. I highly ... Bitcoin wallets are of the utmost importance to me; they’re a part of my daily life and enable me to participate in commerce. I recently got my hands on THE FASTEST Bitcoin wallet app ever ... Top 5 Richest Bitcoin Owners Subscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! When it comes to this ... Use my referral code "cryptofiend" when signing up to and we both get $50! :) Use Code “cryptofiend” Follow me: Twitter:

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